Bali: Foreign Tourists to Pay $10 Fee to Visit the Indonesian Island

Starting next year, Bali will implement a tourist tax/fee of 150,000 rupiah ($10) on international visitors to safeguard its culture and support development efforts. The tax aims to enhance infrastructure, preserve the environment, and provide a respectful experience for tourists.

Starting next year, Bali, Indonesia’s renowned resort destination, will introduce a 150,000 rupiah ($10) tax on tourists entering the island. This measure aims to safeguard the island’s rich culture, while also generating funds for its development.

Bali, often referred to as the ‘Island of Gods,’ heavily relies on tourism and aims to capitalize on its allure while preserving its tropical charm.

Governor’s Explanation: Payment Details and Exemptions

Governor I Wayan Koster has outlined that the tax will be a one-time payment required from foreign tourists visiting Bali.

The payment must be made electronically and is applicable to international tourists arriving in Bali from abroad or in other parts of Indonesia. However, domestic Indonesian tourists will be exempt from this levy.


Recent official statistics reveal that over two million tourists visited Bali last year, demonstrating a strong recovery from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. Bali’s zero-tolerance policy toward rule-breakers played a significant role in its successful rebound.

Utilization of Funds

Governor Koster is confident that the new tax will not discourage visitors, as the funds collected will be utilized to improve the environment, preserve the island’s culture, and enhance infrastructure. These efforts aim to provide a more comfortable and secure travel experience for those visiting Bali.

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Guidelines for Tourists

Bali has faced challenges concerning disrespectful behaviour by some tourists, tarnishing the predominantly Hindu island’s cultural integrity. Instances such as a Danish woman flashing in public while riding a motorbike and a Russian woman posting a nude photo in front of a sacred tree resulted in their deportation by Bali immigration authorities.


To address these concerns, the local government released a guide in June, educating tourists about proper behaviour while visiting Bali, following pressure from the island’s immigration office.

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The Significance of the Tourist Tax

The implementation of the tourist tax underscores Bali’s commitment to preserving its cultural heritage and maintaining the pristine beauty that attracts millions of visitors each year.

By investing the funds raised through this tax, Bali aims to enhance its infrastructure, protect the environment, and ensure that tourists can enjoy a memorable and respectful experience on the ‘Island of Gods.’


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