Bali Imposes Ban on Tourist Activities in Mountains and Volcanoes

Bali, a beloved global destination known for its natural beauty and thrilling activities, has shocked travellers with a sudden ban on tourist operations in the mountains and volcanoes. Governor Wayan Koster's declaration aims to protect Bali's enchanting landscapes, but tourists will now be unable to partake in these iconic experiences.

Bali, renowned for its enchanting natural ambience and thrilling tourism activities, has recently made headlines with a disappointing announcement.

Governor Wayan Koster has issued a policy declaration imposing a ban on all tourist operations in the mountains and volcanoes across the region, effective immediately.

Tourist Activities Restricted

Thousands and lakhs of travellers worldwide flock to Bali, enticed by the opportunity to immerse themselves in the breathtaking experiences offered by its mountains and volcanoes. However, this ban has shattered the dreams of prospective visitors, depriving them of the chance to enjoy these exhilarating activities.

A Lost Opportunity for Tourists

Tourists planning a vacation to Bali in the foreseeable future will undoubtedly miss out on the chance to engage in a variety of new and iconic experiences. Bali, renowned for its picturesque highlands, epic mountain terrains, and mesmerizing beauty, will no longer be accessible for both domestic and overseas tourists seeking these unforgettable encounters.


Stringent Ban and Regulations

Notably, the ban extends beyond merely engaging in activities on the mountains; it prohibits anyone from even entering these areas, as highlighted in a recent report.

The ban, with its far-reaching implications, is set to be enforced indefinitely, accompanied by a comprehensive set of rules and regulations. Subsequent guidelines will focus on strictly controlling and monitoring compliance with the ban.

Limited Exceptions for Local Community

Governor Wayan Koster clarified that local residents will be allowed access to the mountains during specific times. These exceptions will be granted in cases of religious celebrations, specific activities, or natural disasters.

However, such allowances will only be made when absolutely necessary. Otherwise, the ban will remain in effect, preventing anyone from indulging in mountain and volcano-related activities in Bali.


Reasons Behind the Sudden Ban

The abrupt decision to ban tourist activities in the mountains and volcanoes of Bali has left many in shock, given the prominent status these attractions hold in the region. However, there are valid reasons behind this drastic measure.

Over time, the negligence exhibited by some overseas visitors has taken a toll on the pristine beauty of these natural sites. Additionally, a number of accidents and unfortunate incidents resulting in fatalities have further fueled concerns regarding safety.

In an effort to preserve the awe-inspiring natural landscapes that have long captivated the hearts of visitors, Bali has taken this bold step to safeguard its invaluable treasures.

While the ban is undoubtedly disappointing for tourists, it serves as a reminder of the importance of responsible and sustainable tourism practices to protect the environment and ensure the safety of all those who visit this renowned destination.


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