Finland Seeks Skilled Workers: 15 In-Demand Jobs for Work Visas

Finland is facing a worker shortage, particularly in the sectors of healthcare, personal care, social work, daycare teaching, and construction. To address this shortage, Finland has released a list of the top 15 most in-demand professions that foreigners can apply for.

Finland, a land of scenic beauty, technological prowess, and a high quality of life, beckons skilled professionals from around the globe. Amidst a growing worker shortage, that is impacting several key sectors, including healthcare, personal care, social work, daycare teaching, and construction.

Finland extends open arms to foreign talent, offering a plethora of employment opportunities in diverse fields. If you harbour aspirations to work in this Nordic haven, now is the opportune moment to embark on your journey towards securing a work visa and establishing a fulfilling career in Finland.

EURES Outlook on Finland’s Labor Market

EURES, the European cooperation network of employment services, has projected a decline in Finland’s working-age population, while simultaneously acknowledging the increasing number of immigrants and the trend of extending working lives. This creates an opportunity for skilled foreign workers to fill the gaps in Finland’s labour market.

Addressing the Workforce Shortage

Faced with ongoing workforce challenges, Finland has identified a range of professions in high demand. Foreigners with the requisite qualifications can apply for these coveted positions, kickstarting the process of obtaining a Finnish work visa.


Top 15 In-Demand Professions for Work Visas

Elina Pylkkänen, Under-Secretary of State from the Ministry of Economics Affairs and Employment, highlights the top 15 most demanded jobs in Finland, spanning healthcare, education, and construction. The list includes:

  1. Healthcare assistants
  2. Qualified nurses and public healthcare nurses
  3. Social work specialists
  4. Specialist medical practitioners
  5. General practitioners
  6. Daycare teachers
  7. Audiologists and speech therapists
  8. Dentists
  9. Home-based personal care workers
  10. Psychologists
  11. Restaurant and catering staff
  12. Office and workplace cleaners
  13. Specialist teachers
  14. Senior nurses and ward nurses
  15. Foremen in the construction sector

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Healthcare Professions Offer Highest Salaries

Among these in-demand professions, healthcare-related occupations command the highest salaries. According to the Economic Research Institute (EIR), the average annual salaries for the following professions are as follows:

  • Dentist: €131,722
  • Psychologist: €64,556
  • Registered nurse: €62,741
  • Construction foreman: €62,024
  • Nurse home care: €60,517

Finland Work Visa Requirements in a Nutshell

Finland Work Permit Rules

To work legally in Finland, foreign nationals generally require a work visa. The specific requirements for obtaining a work visa vary depending on the applicant’s nationality and the type of work they intend to perform. However, some general requirements typically include:

Work Visa RequirementDescription
Valid PassportA passport with at least six months of remaining validity is required.
Work ContractA valid job offer from a Finnish employer for a position considered in demand by the government is necessary.
Proof of Financial MeansApplicants must demonstrate sufficient financial resources to support themselves during their stay in Finland.
Health InsuranceAdequate health insurance coverage is mandatory to ensure access to medical care in Finland.
Visa Application FormCompletion of a visa application form and submission of all necessary documentation is essential.
Visa Processing FeeA visa processing fee is typically applicable and payable upon submission of the visa application.
Background CheckApplicants may undergo a background check to ensure they meet character and security requirements.
Visa InterviewIn some cases, an interview may be conducted to assess the applicant’s qualifications and intentions.
Visa ApprovalUpon successful evaluation, the applicant will receive a work visa authorizing them to work legally in Finland.

Cost of Living in Finland

While Finland boasts the 13th highest annual wage among EU countries, it’s essential to consider the relatively high living expenses. Living costs vary depending on factors like city, area, and family size. Numbeo provides estimated monthly expenses for a single person and a family of four:

  • Single person (excluding rent): €902.9
  • Family of four (excluding rent): €3,286

Rent costs also vary according to location:

LocationOne-Bedroom Apartment:Three-Bedroom Apartment
City Centre€791.85€1,320.30
Outside City Centre€650.35€1,022.03

Surge in Interest from Foreign Workers

Finland has witnessed a growing interest from foreign workers seeking opportunities to study and work in the country. In early 2023, Finland received 7,343 applications for work purposes and first residence permits, approaching the total number of applications received throughout 2022. This surge in interest highlights Finland’s appeal as a destination for skilled professionals.



Finland’s worker shortage presents a compelling opportunity for skilled foreign workers to establish themselves in a country renowned for its high standards of living, social welfare system, and commitment to innovation.

With a focus on in-demand professions and attractive salaries, Finland welcomes skilled individuals seeking a rewarding career path and a high quality of life.

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