DigiYatra Facility Set to Expand to Six More Airports

Discover the latest advancement in air travel as the Digi Yatra facility prepares to extend its cutting-edge services to six additional airports, including Mumbai and Kochi. Using state-of-the-art Facial Recognition Technology, passengers enjoy a secure and convenient journey while their data remains confidential.

In a decisive move aimed at enhancing passenger convenience and bolstering airport security, the government has unveiled its ambitious plan to extend the highly acclaimed DigiYatra facility.

The expansion, slated for August 2023, will see the introduction of this groundbreaking initiative at six major airports, including the bustling hubs of Mumbai and Kochi.

Seamless Travel Experience

With its innovative use of Facial Recognition Technology (FRT), the DigiYatra program promises to redefine the way passengers navigate airport checkpoints. This state-of-the-art technology ensures a seamless, contactless experience, streamlining the journey from arrival to departure.

As of August 10, a remarkable 3.46 million passengers have already reaped the benefits of this revolutionary system, reinforcing its efficacy and popularity.


Phased Rollout at New Airports

The Ministry of Civil Aviation has laid out a strategic roadmap for the expansion of the DigiYatra facility. The deployment of the advanced infrastructure at the six new airports—

  1. Mumbai
  2. Ahmedabad
  3. Kochi
  4. Lucknow
  5. Jaipur, and
  6. Guwahati

…will follow a meticulous phased approach.

This carefully planned strategy aims to seamlessly integrate the technology into existing airport operations, minimizing any potential disruptions and ensuring a flawless passenger experience.

DigiYatra’s Commitment to Passenger Data Privacy

Central to the DigiYatra program is its unwavering commitment to passenger data security and privacy. Utilizing a robust encryption system, the initiative safeguards sensitive passenger information.


The data remains exclusively between the traveller and the departure airport, ensuring that it is neither stored centrally nor accessible beyond its designated usage. This stringent privacy protocol underscores the program’s dedication to protecting passenger data.

Passenger Information Purged within 24 Hours

To further enhance data security, the DigiYatra system boasts a rigorous data erasure protocol. All passenger data stored within the airport’s system is automatically purged within 24 hours of the flight’s departure.

This proactive measure ensures that personal information is promptly and irreversibly removed, maintaining the highest standards of data protection.

From Inception to Expansion: DigiYatra’s Evolution

Having initially launched on December 1, 2022, at key airports including Delhi, Varanasi, and Bengaluru, the DigiYatra initiative has already left an indelible mark on the travel landscape.


With its imminent expansion to prominent airports like Mumbai and Kochi, DigiYatra is set to revolutionize air travel, elevating passenger experiences to unprecedented levels of efficiency, security, and comfort.

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