Delhi Airport Sets Up COVID-19 Testing Facility For Arriving International Passengers


The Delhi International Airport Ltd has set up a COVID-19 testing facility at the terminal for arriving international passengers at the multi-level car parking area of its Terminal 3.

The facility is for selected arriving international passengers who have to take connecting domestic flights from Delhi International Airport.

The COVID-19 testing lab will be operational within a few days, its operator DIAL said on Friday.

Delhi International Airport Ltd has collaborated with Delhi based laboratory ‘Genestrings Diagnostic Centre’ to set up RT-PCR testing lab, report of the RT-PCR test will be declared within 4-6 hours.


The MoCA (Ministry of Civil Aviation) on Wednesday said that international passengers who have to take connecting domestic flights after landing in India will have the option of getting themselves tested for COVID-19 at the entry airports.

If the RT-PCR test result is negative, the international passenger is going to be allowed to board his or her connecting flight and he or she will not need to undergo any institutional quarantine, the ministry’s order said.

“Results of samples collected at the laboratory will be declared within 4-6 hours to the incoming passengers. Until the results are confirmed, passengers will be isolated at the waiting lounge or may prefer to stay in a hotel.” Delhi Airport said in a press release.

“Constructed in 3,500 square meter area at multi-level car parking (MLCP) of Terminal 3, this is often the first such arrangement among Indian airports,” it added.


An international passenger who doesn’t have a COVID-negative result certificate from a test done not more than 96 hours before the journey, and doesn’t opt for an on-arrival testing facility at the entry airport, will need to compulsorily undergo seven-day institutional quarantine followed by seven-day home quarantine.

On August 2, the Union Health Ministry had said if an international passenger has a negative result from an RT-PCR test done 96 hours before the journey, he or she will not need to undergo institutional quarantine in India.

(With Inputs From PTI)

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  1. I just came back from USA on 31 August and they didn’t even checked temperature. no protocol been followed. What I hear or read in the news paper or social media it is just opposite of that no one is taking it seriously. They just let you go freely

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