Cyclone Taukate: Indian Railways Cancels Over 60 Trains Till 21 May | Full List Here


The Western Railway zone of Indian Railways on Saturday announced that because of the cyclonic warning storm ‘Tauktae’, it has been decided to cancel/short terminate some trains for the safety of passengers and train operations.

According to the India Meteorological Department (IMD), the Cyclone Tauktae had intensified and was heading towards the coast of Gujarat and the Union Territory of Daman and Diu and Dadra and Nagar Haveli.


According to a press release issued by a senior railway official of Western Railway who said that due to the cyclone warning in the coastal Gujarat region on 17 and 18 May 2021, some trains will be cancelled/short terminated on the dates mentioned below.

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List of Trains Cancelled Due To Cyclone Taukate

S. NoTrain NoTrain To/FromCancelled On
109070Varanasi – Okha15-May-21
209206Howrah – Porbandar15-May-21
306506Ksr Bengaluru – Gandhidham15-May-21
409115Dadar – Bhuj16-May-21
509455Bandra Terminus – Bhuj16-May-21
609003Bandra Terminus – Bhuj16-May-21
702945Mumbai Central – Okha16-May-21
804321Bareily – Bhuj16-May-21
901464Jabalpur – Somnath16-May-21
1004680Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Katra – Jamnagar16-May-21
1109566Dehradun – Okha16-May-21
1208401Puri -Okha16-May-21
1309270Muzaffarpur – Porbandar16-May-21
1409094Santragachi – Porbandar16-May-21
1509115Dadar – Bhuj17-May-21
1609455Bandra Terminus – Bhuj17-May-21
1702971Bandra Terminus – Bhavnagar Terminus17-May-21
1802972Bhavnagar – Bandra Terminus17-May-21
1902945Mumbai Central – Okha17-May-21
2001465Somnath – Jabalpur17-May-21
2104322Bhuj – Bareily17-May-21
2202755Rajkot – Secunderbad17-May-21
2302756Secunderbad – Rajkot17-May-21
2409456Bhuj – Bandra Terminus17-May-21
2509004Bhuj – Bandra Terminus17-May-21
2609116Bhuj – Dadar17-May-21
2704321Bareily – Bhuj17-May-21
2801466Jabalpur – Somnath17-May-21
2904678Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Katra – Hapa17-May-21
3001192Pune – Bhuj17-May-21
3109238Rewa – Rajkot17-May-21
3209240Bilaspur – Hapa17-May-21
3309572Bhavnagar – Surendranagar17-May-21
3409513Rajkot – Veraval17-May-21
3509503Surendranagar – Bhavnagar17-May-21
3609514Veraval – Rajkot17-May-21
3709116Bhuj – Dadar18-May-21
3809456Bhuj – Bandra Terminus18-May-21
3902946Okha – Mumbai Central18-May-21
4001463Somnath – Jabalpur18-May-21
4104312Bhuj – Bareily18-May-21
4209204Porbandar – Secunderabad18-May-21
4302941Bhavnagar – Asansol18-May-21
4406505Gandhidham -Ksr Bengaluru18-May-21
4504677Hapa – Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Katra18-May-21
4609572Bhavnagar – Surendranagar18-May-21
4709513Rajkot – Veraval18-May-21
4809503Surendranagar – Bhavnagar18-May-21
4909514Veraval – Rajkot18-May-21
5008402Okha – Puri19-May-21
5101191Bhuj – Pune19-May-21
5209203Secunderabad – Porbandar19-May-21
5304679Jamnagar – Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Katra19-May-21
5402946Okha – Mumbai Central19-May-21
5502942Asansol – Bhavnagar20-May-21
5609565Okha – Dehradun21-May-21

Short Termination/Short Origination of Trains

  • Train No 02974 Puri – Gandhidham of 15.05.2021 will be short terminated at Ahmedabad.
  • Train No 06733 Rameswaram – Okha of 14.05.2021 will be short terminated at Ahmedabad.
  • Train No 06734 Okha -Rameswaram of 18.05.2021 will short originate from Ahmedabad.
  • Train No 06338 Ernakulam – Okha of 14.05.2021 will be short terminated at Ahmedabad.
  • Train No 06337 Okha – Ernakulam of 17.05.2021 will short originate from Ahmedabad.

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