Indian Railways Cancels 31 Pairs of Special Trains: Full List Here


In the wake of rising cases of coronavirus in the country and low occupancy, the Indian Railways has cancelled 31 more pairs of special train services from May 12.

Out of 31 pairs, 18 special train services has been discontinued due to poor patronization until further notice while 13 more trains have been cancelled due to track maintenance work in Howrah division. These trains were operating on the routes between West Bengal, Assam and Bihar.

Due to poor patronization the following train services will be fully cancelled until further advice.

S. No.Train No.FromToWith Effect From
105467 Inter City SpecialSiliguriBamanhat13-05-2021
205468 Inter City SpecialBamanhatSiliguri Jn.12-5-2021
305811 Express SpecialDhubriGuwahati13-05-2021
405812 Express SpecialGuwahatiDhubri12-5-2021
505767 Inter City SpecialSiliguri Jn.Alipurduar jn.12-5-2021
605768 Inter City SpecialAlipurduar Jn.Siliguri Jn.13-05-2021
705719 Inter City SpecialKatiharSiliguri Jn.12-5-2021
805720 Inter City SpecialSiliguri Jn.Katihar13-05-2021
905749 Passenger Spl.New JalpaiguriHaldibari12-5-2021
1005750 Passenger Spl.HaldibariNew Jalpaiguri12-5-2021
1105751 Passenger Spl.New JalpaiguriHaldibari12-5-2021
1205752 Passenger Spl.HaldibariNew Jalpaiguri12-5-2021
1305815 Inter City SpecialGuwahatiDekargaon12-5-2021
1405816 Inter City SpecialDekargaonGuwahati12-5-2021
1507541 Inter City SpecialSiliguriDhubri12-5-2021
1607542 Inter City SpecialDhubriSiliguri Jn.12-5-2021
1707525 DEMU SpecialSiliguri Jn.New Bongaigaon12-5-2021
1807526 DEMU SpecialNew BongaigaonSiliguri Jn.13-05-2021

Due to track maintenance work in Howrah Division, the following train services will be fully cancelled as under:

S. No.Train No.FromToJourney Commence On
105960 Express SpecialDibrugarh TownHowrah Jn.14-05-21, 15-05-21
205959 Express SpecialHowrah Jn.Dibrugarh Town16-05-21
305961 Express SpecialHowrah Jn.Dibrugarh Town17-05-21
403033 Express SpecialHowrah Jn.Katihar13-05-21 to 17-05-21
503034 Express SpecialKatiharHowrah Jn.14-05-21 to 18-05-21
603141 Express SpecialSealdahNew Alipurduar13-05-21 to 17-05-21
703142 Express SpecialNew AlipurduarSealdah14-05-21 to 18-05-21
803163 Express SpecialSealdahSaharsa Jn14-05-21 to 17-05-21
903164 Express SpecialSaharsa Jn.Sealdah15-05-21 to 18-05-21
1003145 Express SpecialKolkataRadhikapur14-05-21 to 17-05-21
1103146 Express SpecialRadhikapurKolkata15-05-21 to 18-05-21
1203063 Express SpecialHowrah Jn.Balurghat13th,14th &17th May 21
1303064 Express SpecialBalurghatHowrah Jn.13th,14th &17th May 21

It is worth mentioning that various railway networks in recent weeks have cancelled trains due to poor patronization.

Last week eastern Eastern Railways decided to discontinue 16 trains from May 7 due to poor patronization. In a tweet, Eastern Railway has requested passengers to plan their journey accordingly and has regretted the Inconvenience.

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