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Bhutan Reduces Daily Tourist Taxes to Encourage Longer Stays

Bhutan Reduces Daily Tourist Taxes
Bhutan, the Land of Happiness, is lowering its daily tourist taxes in a bid to boost visitor numbers after the pandemic. The reduced fees apply to tourists staying for more than four nights and aim to increase revenue from the tourism industry. Find out the details of this initiative, including eligibility criteria and the impact on Bhutan's economy and conservation efforts.

Hong Kong Eases Entry Rules to Attract Foreign Workers Amid Manpower Shortage

The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong
Hong Kong is taking action to alleviate labor shortages by introducing new entry rules that will attract foreign workers. Chief Executive John Lee warned of the risks posed to the city's economy and competitiveness due to the pressing labor crunch. The government plans to set recruitment quotas for industries suffering from severe labor shortfalls, including construction and aviation.

Yas Theme Parks Welcome SeaWorld Abu Dhabi: Discover the Eight Immersive Realms

SeaWorld Abu Dhabi
Yas Theme Parks proudly introduces SeaWorld Abu Dhabi, a highly anticipated aquatic park dedicated to showcasing the marvels of the ocean and promoting marine life conservation. Get ready to be enthralled, educated, and amazed as you delve into the beauty and diversity of marine life. SeaWorld Abu Dhabi awaits you for an oceanic journey that will leave lasting memories.

EU Commission Urges Council to Grant Schengen Membership to Romania and Bulgaria in 2023

Schengen membership to Romania and Bulgaria
The EU Commission calls on the Council to enable Romania and Bulgaria to become full members of the Schengen Area in 2023. Despite opposition from Austria, support from other EU countries remains strong. The report outlines key priorities, including border management, police cooperation, and visa policies, to be discussed in the upcoming Schengen Council meeting.