Canada: IRCC Launches Public Survey to Improve Immigration System

The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has launched an initiative, "An Immigration System for Canada's Future", to collaborate with Canadians and stakeholders on building a stronger and more adaptive immigration system.

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) have launched an initiative, “An Immigration System for Canada’s Future”, inviting Canadians and other stakeholders to share their ideas and perspectives on how to build a stronger and more adaptive immigration system.

The initiative aims to support the Canadian economy and strengthen communities by creating modern, responsive, and aligned policies and programs that meet Canada’s social, economic, and cultural needs.

IRCC will work with people across the country until April 2023 to collaborate on a vision for the future of Canada’s immigration system.

In-Person Dialogue Session in Halifax

The initiative began in February with an in-person dialogue session in Halifax, chaired by Canadian Immigration Minister Sean Fraser. The initiative is expected to involve more in-person dialogue sessions, as well as thematic workshops and a survey for the public and clients.


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Survey Available to the Public

IRCC made the survey available to the public today, inviting people to share their thoughts and provide advice for the future of Canadian immigration.

The survey begins by asking for initial thoughts on the current immigration system in Canada, whether the Government of Canada is on the right track or wrong track in managing immigration, and opinions on the number of immigrants coming to Canada.

Challenges and Gaps in the Current Immigration System

IRCC provides basic information about Canada’s immigration system, including the distinct ways people interact with it and the policies and laws that shape the system.


The survey continues by asking about the main challenges or gaps facing Canada’s current immigration system and provides space for respondents to share their thoughts.

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Important Canadian Immigration Trends

The survey also highlights important Canadian immigration trends. For example, Canada has an ageing population, and soon immigration will account for 100% of population growth. Many regions and industries in Canada are facing shortages of workers, and immigration and temporary foreign workers can help to meet future labour market needs.

Other trends discussed include Canada’s response to a global humanitarian crisis, the fairness and transparency of the immigration system, and the involvement of federal, provincial, and territorial stakeholders in selecting and settling newcomers.


Vision for Canadian Immigration

In considering these trends, respondents are asked about the changes that would need to happen to make their vision for Canadian immigration a reality. The initiative is an opportunity for Canadians and stakeholders to contribute to the development of a more adaptive and effective immigration system for the future.

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