Bengaluru-Kempegowda Airport Local Train To Start From Today


The first local train to the Bengaluru-Kempegowda International Airport will start running from Today, 04 January 2021.

This will help passengers to reach fastly to the airport. Travelers can board a train from the city and reach the airport halt station at fares as low as Rs 10-15.


Sanman P, a techie, who travels frequently by train, said, “Now, it is time to popularise train services or else these will be shut, citing lower patronage. Secondly, the shuttle services should ensure that people who are flying can confidently take the train without missing their flight.”

Rajkumar Dugar (Convenor, Citizens for Citizens), said, “As more and more people begin using trains, demand for more services at suitable timings from different parts of Bengaluru will increase. The footfalls at KIA were in thousands daily (including flyers and non-flyers). “Even if 20 per cent shifts to trains, it will be a win-win situation for all. With lesser congestion, cabs will be able to make a trip or two extra and earn more.”

  • A total of 5 trains will run between the city and the airport halt station for the next few months.

The train times for the South Western Railway were set in consultation with the airport authorities, primarily to help hundreds of airport employees.

Five pairs of trains have been approved by the Railway board

Trains towards KIA

  • Majestic-4.45 am, KIA-5.50 am
  • Yelahanka- 7 am, KIA-7.20 am
  • Yeshwanthpur-8.30 am, KIA-9.17 am
  • Cantonment-5.55 pm, KIA-6.50 am
  • Majestic-9 pm, KIA-10.05 pm

Trains from KIA KIA-

  • 6.22 am, Yelahanka – 6.50 am
  • KIA-7.45 am, Cantonment-8.50 am
  • KIA-8.21 am, Yeshwanthpur-9.25 am
  • KIA-6.43 pm, Majestic-8.20 pm
  • KIA-10.37 pm, Majestic-11.55 pm
  • From there, Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL), the company that manages the KIA, will run shuttle buses to take passengers to the terminal.
  • All other ways to get to the airport are much more expensive, with bus tickets costing at least Rs 250 in most parts of the city and taxi fares starting at Rs 700.

By the end of  2023, another train line to the airport as part of the recently approved dedicated suburban rail project is also expected to be ready.


That line is expected to run trains more faster and frequently. A proposed metro rail line project connecting the city and the airport is yet to be approved by the union government.

Earlier, it was reported that the halt station built with funding from BIAL in the Yelahanka and Devanahalli section had been ready for use since September.

However, like in many routes, the trains were not running since the lockdown imposed in March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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