Air India To Operate Flights Between Muscat and 3 Indian Cities In October


Indian national carrier Air India on Friday announced that it will operate flights between Muscat, Oman, and three Indian cities viz. Ahmedabad, Chennai, and Delhi in October 2020 under the Vande Bharat Mission.

As per the schedule available on Air India’s official website, It will operate a total of 21 flights between Oman and India.

From India to Oman, Air India will operate flights from Ahmedabad, Chennai, and Delhi while returning from Muscat, Oman the airline will connect Chennai, Delhi, and Mumbai

Air India will operate these flights starts from 1st October to 25th October 2020.


Here is the detailed schedule of Air India flights between Oman and India

Air India Flights Schedule India to Oman

01-10-20AI 0973DELHI20:30MUSCAT22:35
02-10-20AI 1975AHMEDABAD21:35MUSCAT22:35
03-10-20AI 0907CHENNAI20:15MUSCAT22:35
04-10-20AI 0973DELHI20:30MUSCAT22:35
06-10-20AI 0907CHENNAI20:15MUSCAT22:35
07-10-20AI 1975AHMEDABAD21:35MUSCAT22:35
08-10-20AI 0973DELHI20:30MUSCAT22:35
09-10-20AI 1975AHMEDABAD21:35MUSCAT22:35
10-10-20AI 0907CHENNAI20:15MUSCAT22:35
11-10-20AI 0973DELHI20:30MUSCAT22:35
13-10-20AI 0907CHENNAI20:15MUSCAT22:35
14-10-20AI 1975AHMEDABAD21:35MUSCAT22:35
15-10-20AI 0973DELHI20:30MUSCAT22:35
16-10-20AI 1975AHMEDABAD21:35MUSCAT22:35
17-10-20AI 0907CHENNAI20:15MUSCAT22:35
18-10-20AI 0973DELHI20:30MUSCAT22:35
20-10-20AI 0907CHENNAI20:15MUSCAT22:35
21-10-20AI 1975AHMEDABAD21:35MUSCAT22:35
22-10-20AI 0973DELHI20:30MUSCAT22:35
23-10-20AI 1975AHMEDABAD21:35MUSCAT22:35
24-10-20AI 0907CHENNAI20:15MUSCAT22:35

Here is the criteria for travelling to Oman

  • Approval from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA)-Oman is required for travelling from India to Muscat.
  • Non-Omanis are allowed to enter Oman only under a permit issued by the MoFA via their Embassy or Sponsor or national airlines (Oman Air and Salam Air).
  • Foreign diplomats returning to Oman are excluded from the previous
    conditions except for the domestic quarantine requirement.

Air India Flights Schedule Oman to India

01-10-20AI 0974MUSCAT23:35DELHI04:25
02-10-20AI 1976MUSCAT23:35MUMBAI04:05
03-10-20AI 0908MUSCAT23:35CHENNAI04:30
04-10-20AI 0974MUSCAT23:35DELHI04:25
06-10-20AI 0908MUSCAT23:35CHENNAI04:30
07-10-20AI 1976MUSCAT23:35MUMBAI04:05
08-10-20AI 0974MUSCAT23:35DELHI04:25
09-10-20AI 1976MUSCAT23:35MUMBAI04:05
10-10-20AI 0908MUSCAT23:35CHENNAI04:30
11-10-20AI 0974MUSCAT23:35DELHI04:25
13-10-20AI 0908MUSCAT23:35CHENNAI04:30
14-10-20AI 1976MUSCAT23:35MUMBAI04:05
15-10-20AI 0974MUSCAT23:35DELHI04:25
16-10-20AI 1976MUSCAT23:35MUMBAI04:05
17-10-20AI 0908MUSCAT23:35CHENNAI04:30
18-10-20AI 0974MUSCAT23:35DELHI04:25
20-10-20AI 0908MUSCAT23:35CHENNAI04:30
21-10-20AI 1976MUSCAT23:35MUMBAI04:05
22-10-20AI 0974MUSCAT23:35DELHI04:25
23-10-20AI 1976MUSCAT23:35MUMBAI04:05
24-10-20AI 0908MUSCAT23:35CHENNAI04:30

*Flight Schedule are subject to change

Indian nationals who wish to travel to India in these flights, can confirm & provide information using the following link:


Air India has also opened the bookings for October travel, those who wish to travel can book their tickets through Air India’s official website, Call Centre, City Offices, and Authorized Travel Agents.

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