Air India Extends Flight Suspension to Tel Aviv Until October 18

Air India has extended its suspension of scheduled flights to and from Tel Aviv until October 18 due to the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict. While regular services are temporarily on hold, the airline is organizing chartered flights for Indian citizens in need.

In response to the escalating conflict between Israel and the militant group Hamas, Air India has announced an extension of the suspension of its scheduled flights to and from Tel Aviv until October 18.

The move comes as the airline continues to prioritize the safety and well-being of its passengers in these turbulent times.


Temporary Suspension Extended

Air India, a prominent full-service carrier, typically operates five weekly scheduled flights to Tel Aviv, connecting India’s capital with the Israeli city. Initially, the airline had suspended these services until October 14.

However, in light of the ongoing tensions, an airline official confirmed on Saturday that the suspension will be extended until October 18. The decision underscores Air India’s commitment to ensuring the security of its passengers and crew members.


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Chartered Flights for Repatriation

While the scheduled flights remain on hold, Air India is set to operate chartered flights to facilitate the return of Indian citizens based on their specific requirements. This move aims to support the repatriation of Indians who wish to return from Israel during this challenging period.

Normal Operations and Operation Ajay

Under normal circumstances, Air India provides a regular service to Tel Aviv with flights departing from the national capital on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday.

However, as the Israel-Hamas conflict continued, the government initiated “Operation Ajay” to assist Indian citizens in returning from Israel. So far, the airline has executed two flights as part of this operation, demonstrating its commitment to serving the needs of the Indian community in Israel.


Israel’s Counteroffensive

As tensions between Israel and Hamas persist, Israel has launched a significant counteroffensive in response to unprecedented attacks on its cities by Hamas militants. The situation remains fluid, with both nations working to address the ongoing crisis.

Final Words

Air India remains dedicated to keeping its passengers and employees safe, and it continues to monitor the situation closely. Passengers are advised to stay updated on developments related to Air India’s operations in Tel Aviv and to consult the airline for the latest information on their travel plans.

The airline remains committed to serving its passengers and the Indian community during these challenging times.

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