VBM Phase 4: Air India Express Opens Booking for UAE to India: Check Details

The official flight details are here.

The Embassy of India in the UAE today (28 June) announced the direct Sale of tickets to Indian nationals under the Vande Bharat Mission Phase 4.

As per the tentative schedule share by the embassy of India, Air India Express will operate 35 Flights from Dubai and 14 Flight from Abu Dhabi between July 03 to July 14.

Also for the first time, the airline has allowed direct booking of evacuation flights from UAE under the Vande Bharat Mission.

The Embassy of India in UAE shared below details for bookings:

  1. Any Indian national who has registered on the website of the Embassy of India, Abu Dhabi or the Consulate General of India, Dubai, fulfills the required entry conditions, and desires to be repatriated by Vande Bharat Mission(VBM) flights from the UAE to India (tentative schedule attached) can now also get their flight tickets issued on a first come first served basis from :
  1. For Bookings Please Visit: www.airindiaexpress.in
  2. Air India Express Booking Offices in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Dubai, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah and Ajman ( managed by their General Sales Agent M/s Arabian Travel Agency) and
  3. Authorized Air India Express Ticketing Agents in the UAE.

2. Such direct sale tickets would be available from 19:00 hrs on 28 June 2020 for Air India Express flights from 03 July 2020 to 14 July 2020 under Phase IV of the VBM.

Vande Bharat Mission Phase 4 : Tentative Schedule for Flights From The UAE

Flights Schedule From Dubai

DateFlight No.FromToTime of Dep.
03-Jul-20IX 1194DubaiLucknow10:45
03-Jul-20IX 1344DubaiKozhikode12:10
03-Jul-20IX 1434DubaiKochi14:10
04-Jul-20IX 1248DubaiHyderabad11:30
04-Jul-20IX 1434DubaiKochi14:10
04-Jul-20IX 1744DubaiKannur15:55
04-Jul-20IX 1644DubaiChennai17:35
05-Jul-20IX 1344DubaiKozhikode12:10
05-Jul-20IX 1434DubaiKochi14:10
05-Jul-20IX 1192DubaiAmritsar17:20
06-Jul-20IX 1194DubaiLucknow11:05
06-Jul-20IX 1344DubaiKozhikode12:10
06-Jul-20IX 1540DubaiTrivandrum13:55
07-Jul-20IX 1434DubaiKochi12:10
07-Jul-20IX 1248DubaiHyderabad12:30
07-Jul-20IX 1142DubaiDelhi13:05
08-Jul-20IX 1344DubaiKozhikode12:10
08-Jul-20IX 1540DubaiTrivandrum13:55
08-Jul-20IX 1434DubaiKochi16:20
09-Jul-20IX 1644DubaiChennai12:05
09-Jul-20IX 1434DubaiKochi14:10
09-Jul-20IX 1744DubaiKannur16:25
10-Jul-20IX 1344DubaiKozhikode12:10
10-Jul-20IX 1192DubaiAmritsar17:20
10-Jul-20IX 1540DubaiTrivandrum17:10
11-Jul-20IX 1744DubaiKannur11:25
11-Jul-20IX 1644DubaiChennai13:25
11-Jul-20IX 1434DubaiKochi17:10
12-Jul-20IX 1540DubaiTrivandrum13:55
12-Jul-20IX 1744DubaiKannur14:25
13-Jul-20IX 1540DubaiTrivandrum11:05
13-Jul-20IX 1434DubaiKochi14:10
13-Jul-20IX 1744DubaiKannur16:25
14-Jul-20IX 1248DubaiHyderabad12:00
14-Jul-20IX 1434DubaiKochi14:10
Vande Bharat Mission Phase 4: Flights From Dubai To India

Flights Schedule From Abu Dhabi

DateFlight No.FromToTime of Dep.
03-Jul-20IX 1538Abu DhabiTrivandrum17:40
04-Jul-20IX 1452Abu DhabiKochi14:25
05-Jul-20IX 1216Abu DhabiHyderabad11:30
06-Jul-20IX 1452Abu DhabiKochi16:25
07-Jul-20IX 1638Abu DhabiChennai12:00
07-Jul-20IX 1538Abu DhabiTrivandrum16:25
08-Jul-20IX 1114Abu DhabiLucknow11:25
08-Jul-20IX 1716Abu DhabiKannur18:35
09-Jul-20IX 1348Abu DhabiKozhikode12:40
10-Jul-20IX 1716Abu DhabiKannur12:00
10-Jul-20IX 1452Abu DhabiKochi17:25
13-Jul-20IX 1116Abu DhabiDelhi17:40
14-Jul-20IX 1114Abu DhabiLucknow11:25
14-Jul-20IX 1452Abu DhabiKochi16:25
Vande Bharat Mission Phase 4: Flights From Abu Dhabi To India

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