Abu Dhabi Airport Offers Free RT-PCR Test, Reports In 90 Minutes


Abu Dhabi Airport on Tuesday announced that it will offer free Covid-19 (RT-PCR) test for all arriving passengers, with results available in approximately 90 minutes.

Abu Dhabi Airport launched this new fast RT-PCR testing service launched in partnership with Pure Heath, the region’s largest laboratory operator, and UAE-based Tamouh Healthcare

“With the capacity to test 20,000 travelers a day, the laboratory will facilitate air travel procedures and support quarantine measures,” the Abu Dhabi media office said.

“Abu Dhabi Airports, in partnership with @PureHealthae and Tamouh Healthcare, has launched a new free rapid PCR #Covid_19 test for all arrivals @AUH, with results provided by the region’s first in-airport laboratory in approximately 90 minutes,” said Abu Dhabi Media Office in a tweet.


Travelers to Abu Dhabi need to take a Covid-19 PCR no more than 96 hours before departure. A print-out of the negative test results is required for check-in. All passengers landing at the airport will undergo an additional PCR test.

All passengers arriving at the airport through terminals 1 and 3 will be tested at the facility. Results will be shared by SMS and WhatsApp and will be available on the Alhosn mobile application.

The 4,000-square metre facility will operate around the clock with up to 190 staff.


Shareef Hashim Al Hashmi, Chief Executive Officer of Abu Dhabi Airports, said: “Through partnering with Pure Health and Tamouh Healthcare, Abu Dhabi International Airport is now able to offer travelers state-of-the-art rapid testing services delivered by a dedicated laboratory facility. The introduction of the RT-PCR COVID-19 testing is a milestone achievement in our ongoing efforts to facilitate the safe resumption of international air travel and support the recovery of the aviation industry.”

“The fact that this is the first airport in the region to contain its own dedicated PCR testing laboratory is testament to our commitment at Abu Dhabi Airports to continuously innovate and look for new ways to deliver a safe, smooth, and seamless travel experience for all our passengers. The new fast testing facility at Abu Dhabi International Airport, developed in partnership with many of our stakeholders, will not only enable passengers to confidently travel to Abu Dhabi but significantly enhance the efficiency of our operations while supporting global efforts to curb the spread of COVID-19,” added Al Hashmi.

Safety Measures At Abu Dhabi Airport

The Abu Dhabi airport has several Covid safety measures:

  • Cameras with facial recognition capabilities that alert staff if passengers or visitors to the airport are displaying symptoms of COVID-19 or not wearing facemasks.
  • Specially trained team of Wellness Ambassadors to support passengers by answering common questions, encouraging social distancing, and providing personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • Touch-less elevator technology.
  • SterixEco Gates sterilization tunnels.
  • Thermal scanning cameras.

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