4 Key Tips for a Successful Schengen Visa Application

Planning a dream vacation to Europe? Avoid the disappointment of visa rejection or complications at border control by following these essential tips for a successful Schengen visa application. From choosing the right country to apply through to understanding transit visa requirements and post-travel reporting obligations, these insights will help you navigate the process smoothly.

Planning a dream vacation to Europe? After patiently waiting for a visa appointment, the last thing you want is for your application to be rejected or to face complications at border control due to a minor oversight.

It’s important to note that India has one of the highest visa rejection rates globally, and the Schengen area has rejected more than 121,000 visa applications from Indian travellers with an 18% rejection rate.

Key Tips for Schengen Visa

To ensure a seamless visa process, it is essential to consider below four key tips for a Schengen visa. By being aware of these factors, you can navigate the application process more smoothly and increase your chances of success.

1. Apply through the Country of Main Stay

While a Schengen visa grants access to 27 countries, it is crucial to apply through the country where you will spend the most time. Failing to provide accommodation details for each night in the Schengen area, along with transportation bookings for internal travel within the region, can result in visa rejection.


2. Transit Visa Requirements for Travel via the UK

If your travel to a Schengen country involves a layover in the United Kingdom, it is necessary to obtain a transit visa, even if you do not plan to exit the airport. The specific visa type depends on whether you pass through immigration checks in the UK.

A direct airside transit visa is required if you do not go through immigration, while a visitor in transit visa should be obtained if you go through border control but plan to return to the airport within 48 hours.

Border control is mandatory if you leave the airport, need to check in your bags for a connecting flight, or your onward flight departs on a different date from your arrival in the UK.

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3. Schengen Visa Does Not Guarantee Entry

It is essential to understand that holding a Schengen visa does not automatically guarantee entry into a specific country. The Embassy of Sweden in New Delhi has emphasized that if authorities suspect that the purpose of your trip is not in accordance with the information provided in your application, your visa could be refused.

Entry checks are conducted at external border points, and being denied entry may result in the revocation of your visa, which will be recorded in the Visa Information System.

4. Post-Travel Reporting Requirements

Even after completing the extensive paperwork, submitting biometric information, and obtaining your visa, there is a possibility that additional steps may be required upon your return.

For instance, some visa holders have reported receiving a stamp on their visa stating, “Please present yourself at the Consulate General of Spain (Mumbai) upon your return.”


If the consulate general is located in a different city from where you reside, it may be necessary to report to that city. The specific criteria for applicants receiving this stamp remain unclear, and further inquiries can be made directly to the Consulate General of Spain.


In conclusion, meticulously following these guidelines and considering the specific requirements of your travel plans will significantly increase your chances of a successful Schengen visa application.

Remember to provide accurate and comprehensive information, ensuring that your trip aligns with the purpose stated in your application. Be aware of transit visa requirements when passing through the UK, as well as the fact that possessing a Schengen visa does not guarantee entry into any particular country.

Finally, be prepared for potential post-travel reporting obligations, which may require a visit to the consulate or embassy upon your return.


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