Top 10 Countries with the Highest Schengen Visa Rejection Rates

In 2022, the Schengen visa application process proved to be an uphill battle for many travelers. With rejection rates on the rise, Algerian nationals faced the highest number of rejections at 179,409. Find out which countries made the list and delve into the statistics and trends shaping the Schengen visa landscape.

Obtaining a Schengen visa can be a daunting task, with numerous factors influencing the approval process. In 2022, several countries experienced a surge in visa application rejections, leading to travel complications and disappointments.

Among these countries, Algerian nationals faced the most significant challenges, as their Schengen visa applications were rejected a staggering 179,409 times. This represented a rejection rate of 45.8%, making Algeria the country with the highest number of Schengen visa rejections.

Countries with the Highest Schengen Visa Rejection Rates

Let’s take a look at the top 10 countries with the highest Schengen visa rejection rates in 2022 and explore some interesting statistics.

1. Algeria

Algeria faced the highest number of Schengen visa rejections in 2022, with a staggering 179,409 applications denied. This constituted a rejection rate of 45.8%, reflecting the challenges faced by Algerian nationals in obtaining Schengen visas. Travellers from Algeria encountered significant obstacles, highlighting the complexities of the visa application process.


2. India

A Large Number of Rejections India ranked second on the list, with 121,188 visa rejections in 2022, resulting in an 18% rejection rate. Indian nationals struggled to secure Schengen visas, facing stringent requirements and heightened scrutiny during the application process. The substantial number of rejections underscored the difficulties faced by Indian travellers seeking entry into Schengen countries.

3. Türkiye

Türkiye closely followed India with 120,876 visa rejections, representing a rejection rate of 15.2%. Although the rejection rate decreased slightly compared to the previous year, Turkish applicants still encountered significant challenges in obtaining Schengen visas. The visa application process remained demanding, necessitating comprehensive documentation and meeting strict criteria.

4. Morocco

Morocco experienced 119,346 visa rejections in 2022, corresponding to a rejection rate of 15.5%. Travellers from Morocco faced hurdles in their quest for Schengen visas, including meeting financial requirements, providing adequate documentation, and demonstrating strong ties to their home country. These obstacles contributed to the high rejection rate for Moroccan applicants.

5. Russia

Russia encountered notable challenges in securing Schengen visas, with 68,753 applications rejected in 2022. This resulted in a rejection rate of 28.2%. Russian nationals faced increased scrutiny and rigorous assessment during the visa application process, contributing to the higher rejection rate. The complex geopolitical landscape and strict regulations played a role in the difficulties faced by Russian travellers.


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6. Tunisia

Tunisia recorded a rejection rate of 29.1%, with a total of 48,909 visa applications denied in 2022. Tunisian travellers encountered significant obstacles in obtaining Schengen visas, including demonstrating sufficient financial means, providing a well-defined purpose of travel, and proving strong ties to their home country. Navigating the visa application process remained challenging for Tunisian applicants.

7. United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates faced 42,105 visa rejections in 2022, reflecting the challenges encountered by its nationals seeking entry into Schengen countries. The visa rejection rate indicated the difficulties faced by Emirati travellers, including stringent requirements, insufficient documentation, and proving the intention to return to their home country.

8. Nigeria

Nigeria witnessed 39,189 visa applications rejected in 2022, resulting in a rejection rate of 45.1%. Nigerian applicants faced one of the highest rejection rates among the top 10 countries. Factors contributing to the high rejection rate included insufficient documentation, concerns about potential overstays, and difficulties in demonstrating strong ties to Nigeria.


9. Iran

Iran encountered 33,679 visa rejections in 2022, representing an 18.6% rejection rate. Iranian nationals faced substantial challenges in obtaining Schengen visas, primarily due to political tensions and strict scrutiny. Meeting the stringent requirements and overcoming negative perceptions became key hurdles for Iranian travellers.

10. Egypt

Egypt rounded out the list with 31,271 visa applications rejected in 2022, corresponding to an 18.6% rejection rate. Egyptian travellers encountered hurdles during the visa application process, such as providing sufficient financial means, presenting a clear purpose for travel, and demonstrating strong ties to Egypt. Overcoming these difficulties remained a significant task for Egyptian applicants.

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Expenditure on Denied Schengen Visa Applications Soars

In terms of expenses, the top ten countries with the highest rejection rates collectively spent €64 million on 804,725 denied visa applications. Comparatively, in 2021, the expenditure for rejected applications was significantly lower at €18.9 million, with 237,041 rejections recorded.



In 2022, Schengen visa rejection rates increased, affecting travellers from various countries. Algerian nationals faced the highest number of rejections, followed by India and Türkiye. It’s important for travellers to understand the visa application process and requirements before applying. As we move forward, efforts to streamline and improve the visa application process will be crucial to ensure smoother travel experiences for all.

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