Work in Denmark without a Permit! New Rules Open Doors for Foreign Workers

In a strategic move to attract international talent, Denmark has implemented progressive changes to its work permit requirements, offering a unique gateway for foreign professionals seeking employment opportunities in Europe.

Exciting news for job seekers in Europe! Denmark’s recent changes in work permit requirements offer promising news for non-EU citizens. Effective November 17, 2023, new regulations have been implemented that simplify the process for working in Denmark for shorter periods without a full work permit.

Denmark Eases Work Permit Requirements

The new regulations, effective November 17, 2023, open doors for third-country nationals to engage in shorter-term work commitments within Denmark without the traditional hurdles of obtaining a residence and work permit.

Flexible Working Periods

The heart of this change lies in the ability of foreign workers to undertake two separate working periods, each spanning 15 consecutive working days. This translates to a total of 30 days of work within Denmark, all without the need for a work permit.

The caveat is a mandatory 14-day hiatus between these periods, ensuring a balanced and compliant approach to workforce engagement.


Key Highlights of the New Rules

  • Foreign employees of affiliated companies can now work in Denmark for two separate periods of 15 consecutive working days within 180 days.
  • The employee must leave Denmark for at least 14 days between the two periods.
  • The company in Denmark must have at least 50 employees (full-time or part-time).
  • The worker must be able to enter and legally stay in Denmark, either as a citizen of a visa-free country or because they have been issued a visa to use the new rule on exemption.

Affiliation and Company Size Criteria

To avail of this unique opportunity, individuals must be employed in a foreign company with affiliations to a Danish establishment.

The Danish company, hosting the foreign talent, should boast a workforce of at least 50 employees, whether on a full-time or part-time basis, solidifying the connection between the two entities.

Streamlined Entry Process

Moreover, for prospective employees to leverage this exemption, it is imperative to enter and legally stay in Denmark through citizenship in a visa-free country or by obtaining a visa specifically tailored to utilize this newfound flexibility in work engagements.

Tailored for Specific Industries

While the rule applies broadly, certain industries such as construction, agriculture, forestry and horticulture, cleaning (including window cleaning), hotel and catering, as well as the carriage of goods by road, benefit specifically.


Within these sectors, the exemption is directed towards management positions or roles requiring expertise at the highest or intermediate level.

Implications of the New Rules

The new rules are expected to make it easier for Danish companies to attract and retain foreign talent. They will also benefit foreign employees by providing them with greater flexibility and opportunities to work in Denmark.

Final Words

For those seeking new horizons and meaningful career experiences in Europe, Denmark presents an exciting opportunity. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a recent graduate, the streamlined work permit process offers a gateway to exploring a new culture, gaining valuable experience, and contributing your skills to a thriving nation.

Ready to take the leap? Get started by exploring the official website of Denmark Immigration for in-depth information and application procedures. Remember, your international career journey awaits!


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