Visa Reciprocity: US and French Investors Enjoy Extended Stays

Discover the groundbreaking changes in US-France investor relations with the implementation of extended talent visas. The agreement, forged during President Macron's 2022 state visit, grants US investors and their families a prolonged four-year stay in France.

In a landmark development, new rules facilitating extended stays for US investors in France and reciprocally for French investors in the US have recently come into effect.

These changes, stemming from an agreement made during President Macron’s state visit to the US in December 2022, mark a significant stride in fostering economic and cultural ties between the two nations.

Extended Stay for US Investors

The key highlight of the new regulations is the extension of the “passport talent” or talent visa system in France. This system, designed to simplify residency requirements for individuals investing in the country, has now been revamped to allow US investors to stay for up to four years—a substantial increase from the previous one-year limit.

The talent visas are specifically tailored for individuals poised to make substantial and enduring contributions to the French economy, culture, science, and sports through their skills and talents.


The extension not only benefits the investors but also includes their immediate family members, enabling a more stable and extended presence in the country without the hassle of frequent visa renewals.

Declaration by Delegate Minister for Commerce

The formal announcement of the implementation of these changes was made by Delegate Minister for Commerce Olivier Becht. Taking to X (formerly Twitter), he declared the successful initiation of the new regulations, solidifying the commitment of both nations to facilitating cross-border investments.

Reciprocal Benefits for French Investors in the US

In a spirit of reciprocity, French nationals seeking to invest in the US will also enjoy an extended initial stay of four years. This reciprocal scheme enhances the ease of movement for entrepreneurs and investors, promoting a more conducive environment for bilateral economic collaborations.

Streamlining the Investment Landscape

The extension of talent visas not only simplifies the bureaucratic processes for investors but also reflects the shared commitment of the US and France to fostering a climate conducive to economic and cultural exchange.


This strategic move is expected to stimulate increased investment flows, talent exchange, and collaboration between the two nations.

As the new rules come into effect, they mark a significant step towards creating a more seamless and supportive environment for international investors and entrepreneurs, further solidifying the strong economic ties between the United States and France.

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