Venice Set to Roll Out New Tourist Restrictions in June 2024

Venice, the iconic Italian city known for its romantic canals and historic charm, is taking decisive measures to tackle overtourism. With restrictions on group sizes and noise pollution, coupled with the introduction of a tourist tax, Venice seeks to strike a balance between welcoming visitors and preserving its cultural identity.

The City of Canals, Venice is taking a stand against overtourism. Effective June 2024, the city will implement new restrictions for tourists including capping group sizes and silencing booming loudspeakers, in a bid to reclaim its unique charm and restore peace for residents.

Curbing the Crowds

Smaller Groups: Say goodbye to mega-tours! Tourist groups will be limited to 25 people within the historic centre on 29 key days during the peak season (April – mid-July). This aims to ease congestion and create a more manageable flow for both visitors and locals.

Peace and Quiet: No more disruptive loudspeaker tours! Their use is now prohibited, promoting a calmer atmosphere for residents and minimizing noise pollution in the delicate historic streets.

More Than Just Tourists

These measures address concerns that have been brewing for years. Venice’s historic core has become inundated with tourists, often feeling overwhelming for residents. Last year alone, the city lost 50,000 residents, highlighting the growing imbalance.


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Venice Under Pressure

UNESCO Warning: The United Nations even warned of “irreparable damage” from mass tourism and environmental factors.

Tourist Overload: With more guest beds than permanent residents, Venice has long borne the brunt of excessive tourism. In 2023, Venice’s 250,000 residents hosted an influx of 3.2 million visitors.

A Multi-Pronged Approach

Venice’s response is multifaceted:


Tourist Tax: Starting after 2024, day-trippers will pay a €5 entry fee, deterring short visits and encouraging longer stays that benefit local businesses.

Preserving Legacy: These measures aim to strike a balance between Venice’s allure as a tourist destination and its UNESCO World Heritage status as an “extraordinary architectural masterpiece.”

Venice’s new regulations show a city determined to protect its heritage and restore its soul. It’s a message to potential visitors: come discover the magic of Venice responsibly, respecting its residents and its delicate ecosystem.

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