VBM: Air India Express Opens Booking For Flights To Singapore


As the Government of India announce Vande Bharat Mission Phase 5 begins from August 1, Air India Express on Tuesday said it has opened bookings for repatriation flights to Singapore.

The Air India Express flights will be operated between India and Singapore from August 2 to 14 under phase 5 of Vande Bharat Mission.

Here is the full schedule of Air India Express flights for Singapore under the phase 5 of Vande Bharat Mission.

DateFlight DepartureDep. Time ArrivalArr. Time
02-Aug-20IX 1682Thiruvananthapuram7:35 AMSingapore2:45 PM
04-Aug-20IX 1484Kochi9:00 AMSingapore4:05 PM
05-Aug-20IX 1688Chennai11:15 AMSingapore6:10 PM
06-Aug-20IX 1988Hyderabad9:15 AMSingapore4:10 PM
07-Aug-20IX 1682Tiruchirappalli10:10 AMSingapore5:05 PM
08-Aug-20IX 1288Mumbai8:05 AMSingapore4:05 PM
09-Aug-20IX 1682Tiruchirappalli10:10 AMSingapore5:05 PM
11-Aug-20IX 1484Kochi9:00 AMSingapore4:05 PM
12-Aug-20IX 1688Chennai11:15 AMSingapore6:10 PM
13-Aug-20IX 1988Hyderabad9:15 AMSingapore4:10 PM
14-Aug-20IX 1682Tiruchirappalli10:10 AMSingapore5:05 PM

Here is the requirements for travel to Singapore under COVID – 19

  1. Singapore Nationals and Permanent Residence holders are permitted to travel however they may be Quarantined on arrival.*
  2. Long Term/ Short Term Pass holders need PRIOR permission from Government of Singapore to enter Singapore. *
    1. All foreigners holding ICA( Immigration Check points Authority ) issued long-term passes (i.e. Long-Term Visit Pass (LTVP) or Student’s Pass (STP), or In-Principle Approval (IPA) letters for LTVP/STP, who plan to enter Singapore from India must obtain ICA’s permission to enter before they commence their journey to Singapore. They can do so by submitting their application for entry to ICA nCoV Request.
    2. If permission is granted, applicants will be issued an approval letter of entry by MOM or ICA is valid for 5 days, or by MOE for STP holders, that is valid for two weeks. They must produce this approval letter of entry to airline staff upon check-in at the departure airport, and to the immigration officer at the checkpoint upon arrival in Singapore.
  3. This permission has to be obtained by passengers and produced at Check-In Counters
  4. Transfer / Transit passengers NOT to be accepted.

*Please check the official Website of Singapore for the latest updates on travel guidelines.

Wear Mask. Follow Social Distancing. Stay Safe.

Have a safe Journey!


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