VBM Phase 6 Flights Schedule From Philippines


The Embassy of India in the Philippines on Wednesday issues an advisory for Vande Bharat Mission Phase 6 Flight; along with the advisory the embassy also shares the schedule of repatriation flights by Air India and SpiceJet from Cebu, Philippines to India.

As per the schedule posted by the embassy, India will operate 3 flights between Cebu and Chennai, Hyderabad.

Under VBM Phase 6, the following flights will be operating from Cebu in the month of September :

S. No.SectorDate of Departure
1.Cebu — Chennai (SpiceJet)10 September (Thursday)
2.Cebu — Hyderabad — Ahmedabad (SpiceJet)12 September (Saturday)
3.Cebu — Chennai (Air India, AI 1319)16 September (Wednesday)
Vande Bharat Mission Phase 6 Flights From Cebu, Philippines

The airlines would in due course send by email, a ticketing offer to ALL those who have registered on the VBM portal and have chosen ‘Cebu’ as the departure city.


The Embassy assures that “All those who have registered and have chosen ‘Cebu’ as the city of departure will get a ticketing offer either from Air India or Spicejet.

Any person who has registered and does not receive a ticketing offer by 13 September may kindly contact the Embassy telephone helpline on +63 9477836524.

The embassy also advised all registered passengers to check their spam folders for the ticketing offer as at times the mail from Air India is not received in the inbox.

Passengers can also follow the social media pages/website of the Embassy for further updates/advisories.


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