VBM Phase 6: Air India Added More Flights Between India And Canada


Indian national carrier Air India on Friday in a social media post said that the airline has added more flights between India and Canada in September under the Vande Bharat Mission Phase 6.

As per the schedule posted by Air India on its official website the airline will operate 17 more flights between Delhi and Toronto starting from 01 Sep. 2020.

Here is the full schedule of Air India flights under the Phase 6 of Vande Bharat Mission.

Air India Flights Schedule Delhi to Toronto (Vande Bharat Mission Phase 6)

S. No.DateFlightDepartureDep. TimeArrivalArr. TimeArr. Date
101-Sep-20Al 0187DELHI02:45TORONTO07:1501-Sep-20
203-Sep-20Al 0187DELHI02:45TORONTO07:1503-Sep-20
305-Sep-20Al 0187DLLHI02:45TORONTO07:1505-Sep-20
406-Sep-20Al 0187DELHI02:45TORONTO07:1506-Sep-20
508-Sep-20Al 0187DELHI02:45TORONTO07:1508-Sep-20
610-Sep-20Al 0187DELHI02:45TORONTO07:1510-Sep-20
712-Sep-20Al 0187DELHI02:45TORONTO07:1512-Sep-20
813-Sep-20Al 0187DELHI02:45TORONTO07:1513-Sep-20
915-Sep-20Al 0187DELHI02:45TORONTO07:1515-Sep-20
1017-Sep-20AI 0187DELHI02:45TORONTO07:1517-Sep-20
1119-Sep-20Al 0187DELHI02:45TORONTO07:1519-Sep-20
1220-Sep-20Al 0187DELHI02:45TORONTO07:1520-Sep-20
1322-Sep-20Al 0187DELHI02:45TORONTO07:1522-Sep-20
1424-Sep-20Al 0187DELHI02:45TORONTO07:1524-Sep-20
1526-Sep-20Al 0187DELHI02:45TORONTO07:1526-Sep-20
1627-Sep-20Al 0187DELHI02:45TORONTO07:1527-Sep-20
1729-Sep-20Al 0187DELHI02:45TORONTO07:1529-Sep-20
Air India Delhi – Toronto Flights Schedule (Vande Bharat Mission Phase 6)

Air India Flights Schedule Toronto to Delhi (Vande Bharat Mission Phase 6)

S. No.DateFlightDepartureDep. TimeArrivalArrivalArr. Date
101-Sep-20Al 0188TORONTO12:15DELHI12:1502-Sep-20
203-Sep-20Al 0188TORONTO12:15DELHI12:1504-Sep-20
305-Sep-20Al 0188TORONTO12:15DELHI12:1506-Sep-20
406-Sep-20Al 0188TORONTO12:15DELHI12:1507-Sep-20
508-Sep-20Al 0188TORONTO12:15DELHI12:1509-Sep-20
610-Sep-20Al 0188TORONTO12:15DELHI12:1511-Sep-20
712-Sep-20Al 0188TORONTO12:15DELHI12:1513-Sep-20
813-Sep-20Al 0188TORONTO12:15DELHI12:1514-Sep-20
915-Sep-20Al 0188TORONTO12:15DELHI12:1516-Sep-20
1017-Sep-20Al 0188TORONTO12:15DELHI12:1518-Sep-20
1119-Sep-20Al 0188TORONTO12:15DELHI12:1520-Sep-20
1220-Sep-20Al 0188TORONTO12:15DELHI12:1521-Sep-20
1322-Sep-20Al 0188TORONTO12:15DELHI12:1523-Sep-20
1424-Sep-20Al 0188TORONTO12:15DELHI12:1525-Sep-20
1526-Sep-20Al 0188TORONTO12:15DELHI12:1527-Sep-20
1627-Sep-20Al 0188TORONTO12:15DELHI12:1528-Sep-20
1729-Sep-20Al 0188TORONTO12:15DELHI12:1530-Sep-20
Air India Toronto – Delhi Flights Schedule (Vande Bharat Mission Phase 6)

Bookings of these flights will be open on 15th August 2020 at 1000hrs IST.

Booking of ex Canada flights can be done through Air India Website, Booking Offices & Authorized Travel Agents, while ex India flights can book through Air India Website and Booking Offices only.

The starting fare of Ex India flights is ₹ 51004 while the Ex Canada fare is CAD 934.0


Air India in a tweet also said “Before you book your tickets for flights under Vande Bharat Mission Phase 5 / Air Transport Bubble Arrangements, check fares of on Air India Website

Passengers are advised to email Air India on [email protected] regarding any issue on the account of overcharging.

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