Vande Bharat Mission: Air India to Operate 180 Flights Between India and USA


The National Airline Air India today (17 July) on twitter, posted some Important Updates regarding Flights between India and USA under Vande Bharat Mission Phase 4.

The Main highlight from the post says Air India will fly 180 flights between India and USA.

And, Bookings will open effective 18th July 2020 20:00 hrs IST.

Here is the complete update as Air India posted on its Twitter handle:



  • Air India will operate 180 flights between India and USA under Vande Bharat Mission during the period 22″‘ July 2020 to 31’ August 2020.
  • Flights will operate to / from New York, Chicago, Newark, San Francisco and Washington DC and will offer connections to Hyderabad, Chennai, Bengaluru, Kochi, Mumbai & Ahmedabad.
  • Bookings will open effective 18th July 2020 2000 hrs IST which is equivalent to New York 18′ July 2020 1030 hrs EDT, Chicago 18th July 2020 0930 hrs EDT, San Francisco 18th July 2020 0730 hrs PDT.
  • Tickets will be available for sale through our website, booking offices and Authorised Travel Agents

Moreover, India- US International flight service has started from today.

India has signed individual bilateral “bubbles” with France, Germany, and the United States.

The Air Bubble agreement allows airlines in each country in the pact to operate international flights, the Ministry of Civil Aviation said yesterday.


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