USCIS Warns of Visa Scams: Don’t Be a Target, Be Informed

Discover essential insights from the USCIS, recently shared on social media, to protect yourself from scams during your US visa application. Gain valuable tips on securing your immigration journey and making informed decisions.

Embarking on the path to a US visa can be both exciting and challenging. As individuals navigate the complexities of the immigration process, it’s crucial to remain vigilant against potential scams and fraudulent activities.

Recently, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) shared valuable insights via a social media post, offering essential tips to help applicants, petitioners, and requestors protect themselves from scams and make informed decisions.

USCIS Tips to Avoid Visa/Immigration Scams

In this guide, we’ll delve into the key points highlighted by the USCIS, empowering you to navigate the immigration journey with confidence and security.


1. Seek Legal Advice from Authorized Professionals

When dealing with immigration matters, it is crucial to consult with authorized professionals. Only attorneys or accredited representatives working for Department of Justice-recognized organizations are authorized to provide legal advice. Avoid seeking guidance from unauthorized sources to protect yourself from potential scams.

2. Utilize Official Resources

The Department of Justice’s Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) offers a list of attorneys and accredited representatives in your state who provide immigration services either for free or at minimal cost. Additionally, the American Bar Association provides information on finding legal services in your state. Use these official resources to connect with legitimate immigration assistance.

3. Engage with Virtual Assistant Emma

Take advantage of USCIS’s virtual assistant, Emma, available on the official website. Emma can provide answers to general questions and assist you in navigating the website. Access this resource by clicking on the “Need Help? Ask Emma” box located in the upper right corner of the website.

4. Online Account Tools

Creating an online account provides access to USCIS’s Tools page, offering helpful links to check your case status, find current case processing times, and update your address. Maximize the benefits of your online account to stay informed and manage your immigration process efficiently.


5. Attend Outreach Events

Consider attending outreach events for general information about the immigration process. These events can provide valuable insights and connect you with reputable resources. Check USCIS’s Form Filing Tips page before submitting any forms to ensure accuracy.

6. Beware of Suspicious Emails

Scammers often use emails, social media, or phone calls to exploit individuals. Be cautious of emails that seem legitimate but are from unknown senders, contain typos, or do not end in .gov. Report suspicious emails to the USCIS webmaster and avoid responding to requests for money or promises of expedited benefits.

7. Reporting Immigration Scams

If you receive a suspicious email or witness an immigration scam, promptly report it to the USCIS webmaster. Reporting scams committed by others will not negatively impact your application. Additionally, report scams to the Federal Trade Commission or your local authorities to contribute to the protection of the immigration process.

8. Educational Resources

Familiarize yourself with non-USCIS resources, such as the American Bar Association’s Fight Notario Fraud and the 2016 PINY Resource Guide. These resources provide valuable information on recognizing and avoiding immigration fraud.


9. Use Official Channels for Reporting Fraud

USCIS encourages individuals to report fraud through its Tip Form page. Additionally, you can report fraud to the Executive Office for Immigration Review’s Fraud and Abuse Prevention Program. Reporting fraud helps protect the integrity of the immigration system.


By following these guidelines and utilizing official resources, you can safeguard yourself from US visa scams and navigate the immigration process with confidence. Stay informed, report suspicious activities, and contribute to the protection of the immigration system’s integrity.

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