US Reduces Wait Time for Visitor’s Visa Interview By 60%

The US has reduced the wait time for a visitor's visa interview in India by 60%, as part of efforts to reach its goal of issuing 1 million visas this year.

In an interview with PTI, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Visa Services Julie Stufft announced that the wait time for US visitor visas in India has been reduced by 60% this year.

This is due to steps taken by the US, such as increasing the number of officials and opening additional diplomatic missions to process these applications. The State Department’s goal for this year is to issue 1 million visas, which would be more than the pre-pandemic number.

Increased number of officers and new consulates

In an effort to reduce the visa wait times, the US has increased the number of officers going to India and has made arrangements with other embassies around the world, such as Bangkok, to take Indians seeking visas.

They have also established a new consulate in Hyderabad to reduce wait times in India. Many Indian citizens seeking visas have been taken to Frankfurt, London, and Abu Dhabi, and these missions treat Indians as if they were from their own host country.


Over 100 US diplomatic missions have issued visas to Indians. The wait time for visitor visa interviews has decreased by 60% in the last few months, thanks to all of these efforts to ensure that Indians who want to travel to the US can do so.

Visa production in India is now 40% higher than it was prior to the pandemic, and the State Department is working hard to reduce wait times.

Expansion of interview waivers and other visa types

The State Department is also working on other types of visas, such as student visas, in addition to visitor visas. They have been able to expand interview waivers, which means that fewer Indians must travel to the embassy or consulate for an interview.

This has allowed people who do not require an interview, such as those who have previously visited the United States, to obtain a visa in less than two weeks.


According to a State Department official, it truly is a global effort, and the relationship between the two countries means that the visa categories are the highest in India. Students, technology workers, and crew members are among the most sought-after visa categories.

Pilot project on domestic renewal of visas

The State Department is looking forward to launching a pilot project on domestic visa renewals soon. Holders of certain work visa categories who are currently residing in the United States can apply for visa renewal without leaving the country.

This is especially advantageous for a large number of Indian tech workers.

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