US H1B Visa Amendment: Priority To Higher Wages and Skills


The United States has once again made an amendment to the selection process for H-1B visas and decided to give priority to higher salaries and skills instead of the current lottery procedures.

The final rule is aimed to protect the economic interests of U.S. workers and better ensure the most highly skilled foreign workers benefit from the temporary employment program, said the officials on January 8.

The new rules will be effective for 60 days after its publication date in the Federal Register on January 8 and also is most likely cover H-1B applicants.

The next H1B visa filing season is slated to start on April 1.


As per the amended rules, H-1B cap visas would be allocated to higher salaried employees in their respective fields.

The visas would be first given to those who are sponsored by US companies in Level 4, as this is the highest level of wage categories with very experienced workers.

Indians represent the largest number of H-1B visa beneficiaries in the US. The new regime could make hiring international workers more difficult and could seriously affect Indians who want to work in the country.

However, the Indian government said it has talked with the US to improve the chances and minimize the inconvenience for indians.


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