US Embassy Implements New Measures for Student Visa Applicants

The US Embassy in India has announced significant modifications to the visa application process for Indian students seeking to pursue studies in the United States. These changes, effective Monday, November 27, 2023, aim to streamline the application process, enhance security, and ensure compliance with visa regulations.

In a recent development, the US Embassy has rolled out significant modifications to the visa application process for Indian students. The changes, which took effect on Monday, November 27, were communicated via the embassy’s official channel X.

Notably, these alterations are applicable across all US embassies in Indian cities, impacting prospective students intending to pursue education in the United States under the F, M, and J visa programs.

Revised Rules for US Student Visa Applications

1. Passport Information Mandatory for F, M, and J Visa Applicants

Commencing today, the US embassy has mandated that all F, M, and J student visa applicants must use accurate passport information when creating their profiles and scheduling visa appointments. This strategic move is aimed at curbing fraud and preventing misuse of the appointment system.

US Visa - Key Policy Changes

2. Consequences for Incorrect Passport Information

The embassy emphasized that applicants using an incorrect passport number for profile creation or appointment booking will face rejection at the Visa Application Centers (VAC). Subsequently, their appointments will be cancelled, resulting in the loss of the visa fee.


3. Specific Requirements for F, M, and J Visa Applicants

For F or M visa applicants, enrollment in a school or program certified by the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) is a prerequisite. On the other hand, those applying for a J visa must secure sponsorship from an organization approved by the US State Department.

4. Rectifying Incorrect Passport Information

The US embassy has advised individuals who have already created a profile or booked an appointment with an incorrect passport number have two options:

  1. Create a new profile with accurate passport information.
  2. Update the existing profile with the correct passport details.

Note: Updating an existing profile may require payment of a new visa fee receipt if the previous one was associated with the profile containing incorrect passport information.

Providing Evidence of Lost or Stolen Passports: Applicants who have lost or stolen their old passports must present a photocopy or other valid proof of the old passport number during their visa appointment at the Visa Application Center (VAC) for admission.


5. Record Visa Application Numbers in 2023

In an earlier report, the US embassy disclosed a record-breaking number of processed visa applications in 2023, surpassing all previous years. This underscores the increasing interest and demand among Indian students to pursue education in the United States.

Overall Impact

The US Embassy’s updated visa application process for Indian students is designed to enhance efficiency, promote integrity, and ensure compliance with visa regulations. These changes are expected to streamline the application process for prospective students and contribute to a more secure and transparent visa issuance system.

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