US Embassy Implements Stricter Policy for Student Visa Applications

Targeting F, M, and J student visa applicants, these policy changes, starting November 27, 2023, emphasize the crucial need for accurate passport information. Unravel the details and ensure a smooth visa application experience by staying informed about these essential updates.

In a proactive move to fortify the integrity of the visa application system, the US Embassy in India has unveiled a pivotal policy adjustment that specifically impacts F, M, and J student visa applicants.

Effective from November 27, 2023, these measures are designed to thwart fraudulent activities and misuse of the appointment system.

US Visa – Key Policy Changes

Designed to thwart fraudulent activities and streamline the application process, these measures underscore the embassy’s commitment to maintaining the highest standards of integrity in the visa issuance system.

Let’s delve into the key modifications and their implications for prospective visa applicants.


1. Mandatory Use of Correct Passport Information

Beginning November 27, 2023, all applicants seeking F, M, and J student visas are required to use their accurate passport information when creating a profile and scheduling their visa appointment. This policy aims to enhance the integrity of the visa application process and prevent instances of misinformation or manipulation.

US Visa - Key Policy Changes

2. Consequences for Incorrect Passport Information

Applicants who erroneously use an incorrect passport number will face stringent repercussions. They will be categorically rejected at the Visa Application Centers, leading to the automatic cancellation of their appointments.

Additionally, any visa fees associated with the flawed appointment will be non-refundable.

3. Create a New Profile or Update Existing Profile

Applicants in violation of the correct passport information requirement have two remedial options:

  • Create a new profile with accurate passport information.
  • Access an existing profile with the correct passport details to schedule a new appointment.

New Visa Fee Receipt for Corrected Information: Notably, if the previous receipt is linked to a profile with incorrect passport details, a fresh visa fee receipt must be generated for the revised information.

4. Special Consideration for Passport Renewals

Individuals who have recently renewed passports or replaced lost or stolen passports can provide a photocopy or alternative evidence of the old passport number. This provision allows them to proceed with their visa appointment without adverse consequences.

5. Implementation Date and Proactive Measures

The policy adjustments are slated to take effect on November 27, 2023. Prospective visa applicants are strongly advised to review and rectify their profile information before this date to preempt any disruptions in their visa application process.

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Other Changes to US Visa Policy

In a recent development, the US Embassy has implemented a pivotal adjustment to the visa application procedure, underscoring the significance of accurately completing DS-160 forms.

According to the revised policy pertaining to DS-160, applicants who submit incorrectly filled forms will face restrictions and will be unable to proceed with their Visa Application Center (VAC) or document drop-off appointments. In such cases, rescheduling becomes imperative. This policy modification takes effect on November 13, 2023.


The implementation of this stricter policy is a crucial step in preventing fraud and abuse of the student visa application system.

By requiring applicants to use their own valid passport information, the US Embassy can better verify identities and ensure that visa appointments are granted to genuine students. This ultimately promotes fairness and integrity within the visa application process.


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