US Completes Second H-1B Visa Lottery, Successful Candidates Notified

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has successfully completed a second round of the random lottery selection for the sought-after H-1B work visa. The visa allows U.S. companies to employ foreign workers in specialized occupations.

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has completed a second round of random lottery selection for the highly coveted H-1B work visa. The H-1B visa program enables U.S. companies to employ foreign workers in specialized occupations that require technical expertise.

Technology firms, in particular, heavily rely on the H-1B visa to hire thousands of skilled employees from countries like India and China.

Successful Applicants Notified

According to the federal agency, the successful applicants eligible for the H-1B visas for the fiscal year beginning October 1 have been notified.

The USCIS confirmed that a sufficient number of registrations have been selected from the remaining FY 2024 registrations properly submitted to reach the visa cap.


Reason for Second Round

The unprecedented second round of the H-1B lottery was necessitated by a large number of unqualified applications that surprisingly succeeded in the initial H-1B lottery.

USCIS raised concerns that some individuals might have attempted to gain an unfair advantage by collaborating to submit multiple registrations on behalf of the same beneficiary, thus increasing their chances of selection.

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Streamlining the Process

USCIS introduced the H-1B electronic registration process in 2020, starting with the fiscal year 2021 H-1B cap. This electronic system has significantly streamlined processing, reduced paperwork, and lowered costs for both petitioning employers and the agency.


Previously, employers had to submit voluminous H-1B cap-subject petitions during a five-day filing period, leading to unnecessary paperwork and mailing expenses.

US H-1B And Visa Renew

Impact of the Electronic Registration System

USCIS noted that the implementation of the electronic registration system has led to substantial increases in the number of registrations submitted during the initial registration periods for the FY 2022, FY 2023, and FY 2024 H-1B caps.

However, this system has also brought to light concerns about potential misuse and fraud, prompting the agency to take extensive fraud investigations and enforce law enforcement referrals for criminal prosecution.

Future Modernization Rule

The USCIS is actively working on a forthcoming H-1B modernization rule that aims to bolster the H-1B registration process further. Among other improvements, the new rule will seek to reduce the possibility of misuse and fraud in the H-1B registration system.


The agency remains committed to implementing the law and catering to the evolving needs of the U.S. labour market through the H-1B program, which is deemed essential for the nation’s immigration system and economy.

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As the demand for the H-1B visa remains high among U.S. employers, the completion of the second round of the lottery offers much-needed clarity to successful applicants for the FY 2024 H-1B cap.

The USCIS continues to take measures to ensure the integrity of the registration process and the fair allocation of visas to deserving candidates while keeping an eye on the changing dynamics of the U.S. labour market.


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