UP Chief Minister Approves Name, Design Of Noida’s Jewar Airport


Uttar Pradesh Prime Minister Yogi Adityanath approved the design, name and logo of the international airport to be built in Noidas Jewar on Thursday, according to an official statement.
It will be named Noida International Greenfield Airport, while an image of the stork – the state bird – is used in its logo, an official said.

Yogi Adityanath Office Twitter handle also twitted about it – “CM Shri Yogi Aditynath Ji okays name, logo and design of Jewar airport, says it will be the best”

It will be modeled on world-famous airports in London, Moscow and Milan, the official added.


According to Mr. Adityanath, the international airport being built in Noida’s Jewar will boost exports and improve job opportunities for the people in the state.

“This airport will become the pride of India and one of the best in the world. We will present it as a global brand,” said the CM during a presentation at the airport in his residence.

Mr Adityanath said Jewar Airport will lead to the development of industrial infrastructure that will increase employment opportunities, promote production and export.

“First look of the design has been approved. Saras (stork), the state bird, has been chosen as the logo and the name of the airport will be Noida International Greenfield Airport,” Singh told Moneycontrol.


Here are some key features of the mega airport:  

  • The airport is due to be built on an area of about 1,334 hectares in Greater Noida at a cost of Rs 29,650 crore.
  • The Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority has already acquired land for the project. Also, 48.097 hectares have been acquired for rehabilitation purposes, officials say.
  • Swiss developer Zurich Airport International has selected a consortium comprising Nordic, Grimshaw, Haptic and STUP as the key architects to design the passenger terminal of Noida International Greenfield Airport, via a design competition which was held earlier this year.
  • The airport design has taken into consideration parameters such as short and efficient passenger flows, commitment to minimal environmental impact, and digital services.
  • The winning design had “an efficient layout, convincing design language, multiple high-quality areas, spaced out with lush greenery with a balanced concept for both energy savings and a tangible sense of sustainability”, according to Christoph Schnellmann, CEO, YIAPL, as reported by Hindustan Times.  
  • The airport’s master plan has been sent to the Union Ministry of Civil Aviation for approval. The process of signing the support agreement needs to be concluded by 5 April 2021.  
  • The airport is being developed in four phases and will have two runways to begin with, which are expected to be later increased to five. The first phase of the airport is expected to be built within three-and-a-half years.
  • The Jewar airport will have an initial capacity of 12 million passengers per year. The long-term plan is to have an annual capacity of 70 million passengers by 2050.

Civil Aviation Director and Special Envoy, Surendra Singh, provided information on the status of the project and said the concessionaire presented the master plan to Noida International Airport Limited, which submitted it to the Union’s Department of Civil Aviation.

The Special Minister Surendra Singh informed the Prime Minister that Gautam Buddha Nagar’s administration had acquired 1,334 hectares for the airport. In addition, 48,097 hectares were acquired for rehabilitation purposes.

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