UAE Unveils Work Bundle to Reduce Work Permit and Residency Visa Processing Time

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) government has launched the Work Bundle, a new online platform that significantly simplifies and expedites work permit and residency visa procedures for private sector companies in Dubai.

In a groundbreaking move, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has unveiled its latest innovation, the “Work Bundle” platform, aimed at streamlining and expediting the process of acquiring work permits and residency visas.

Launched on Tuesday, this revolutionary platform promises to drastically reduce processing times from an average of one month to just five days, marking a significant leap forward in employment facilitation within the private sector.

Work Bundle – Efficiency Redefined

Officials announced at a press conference that the integrated procedure offered by Work Bundle will not only shorten processing times but also minimize the required documentation from a staggering 16 to just five essentials.


Additionally, the number of visits to service centres will be dramatically reduced from seven to a mere two, marking a paradigm shift in government service efficiency.

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Key Benefits of the Work Bundle

Reduced Processing Time: From weeks to 5 days: The Work Bundle streamlines the process, slashing the processing time for work permits and residency visas from nearly a month to just five business days.


Fewer Documents Needed: From 16 to 5: The platform eliminates unnecessary paperwork, reducing the required documents from 16 to a mere five.

Minimized Visits: From 7 to 2: Businesses no longer need to visit multiple government service centres. The platform consolidates the process, requiring only two visits.

UAE Work Bundle

Integrated Platform for Streamlined Services

The Work Bundle integrates services from various government entities, including:

  • Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (Mohre)
  • Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship
  • Customs and Ports Security
  • Dubai Health Authority
  • Department of Economy and Tourism
  • General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA)

Phased Implementation and Wider Impact

Initial Launch in Dubai

The Work Bundle is currently available for companies operating in Dubai through the “Invest in Dubai” platform. It will be gradually rolled out to encompass other emirates in the near future.


Reduced Costs and Increased Efficiency

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, estimates that the Work Bundle will save an estimated 65 million working hours, eliminate 25 million government procedures, and reduce 12 million visits to government offices annually. This translates to significant cost savings for both the government and private sector entities.

Aligning with Government Objectives

The Work Bundle initiative aligns with the UAE government’s recent directive to federal ministries and entities to reduce the number of procedures by at least 2,000 and cut processing times in half within a year.


The Work Bundle is a significant step towards streamlining work permit and residency visa procedures in the UAE, making it easier and faster for companies to attract and retain skilled talent. This initiative is expected to further enhance the UAE’s competitiveness as a global business hub.

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