UAE Travel: Emirates Opens New Dedicated Check-in Facility In Ajman


In a bid to streamline check-in procedures for its customers, Emirates, the flagship carrier of the UAE has introduced a new check-in facility in Ajman and the Northern Emirates, in partnership with the Ajman Transport Authority.

The new facility, located in the Ajman Central Bus Terminal, is the airline’s first remote check-in facility outside of Dubai. It is another way the airline is assisting customers in reaping the benefits of simple and quick check-in closer to home, reducing queues, and improving their overall experience across the first touchpoints of their travel journey.

Emirates Dedicated Check-in Facility In Ajman

Beginning March 1st, customers will be able to check-in quickly and easily, validate Covid-19-related medical data for their destination, obtain boarding permits, and board one of the convenient Ajman Transport Authority buses to Terminal 3 at Dubai International Airport.

Customers can disembark at Terminal 3 and drop their luggage in a dedicated baggage facility before proceeding directly to immigration and security, ensuring a smoother ground journey through the airport by avoiding the check-in kiosk at Dubai International.


In the upcoming weeks, plans are being made to incorporate baggage check-in at the new  Ajman facility.

The Emirates check-in facility in Ajman will be open 24 hours a day and will have four counters and two self-service kiosks for a seamless start to the trip, allowing check-in, boarding pass collecting, selecting or changing seats onboard, and updating passport and Skywards information.

Bus journeys from the facility to Terminal 3 will run in parallel with Emirates’ peak operations periods, which include scheduled flights in the early and late mornings, as well as late-night departures.

Mohammed Mattar, Divisional Senior Vice President Emirates Airport Services said:


“We are committed to continually enhancing every aspect of the on-ground experience for our customers and creating a stress-free journey through quick processing and reduced wait times, especially during the busier peak travel periods.  Our latest initiative in Ajman, in partnership with the Ajman Transport Authority, will deliver a travel experience that our customers from Ajman and the Northern Emirates can truly look forward to, giving them more control over their journey to enjoy the rest of the retail, leisure, and Emirates lounge facilities at the airport before they board their flight.”

The new facility builds on the airline’s efforts to deliver a seamless experience for its customers across all touchpoints. The Ajman check-in facility complements Emirates’ existing facilities for group and family check-in areas at Dubai International, and its cruise passenger check-in facilities at Port Rashid and Dubai Harbour. Emirates also provides a convenient Home Check-in service from anywhere in Dubai, helping customers complete check-in from the comfort of their home, hotel, or office and have their luggage transported to the airport prior to their flight.

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