UAE Retains Title of World’s Most Powerful Passport in 2024

The coveted UAE passport unlocks doors to 180 countries, making it the undisputed king of travel documents. Dive into the 2024 Passport Index and see where your passport stands, from visa-free havens to countries on the rise.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) passport retains its crown as the world’s most powerful travel document, according to the latest 2024 Passport Index by Arton Capital, a leading global financial advisory firm.

This coveted position underscores the nation’s impressive diplomatic achievements and unwavering commitment to fostering international relationships.

Visa-Free Entry to 120 Countries

Holders of the coveted UAE passport can seamlessly explore 180 countries across the globe. An impressive 120 destinations welcome them with open arms, granting visa-free access. For another 50 countries, obtaining visas is a breeze, either online or upon arrival. This unparalleled mobility translates to unparalleled freedom and travel flexibility.

Top 10 Strongest Passports in 2024

In the second position, passports from Germany, Spain, France, Italy, and the Netherlands collectively enable entry into 178 countries.


Meanwhile, passports from Sweden, Finland, Luxembourg, Austria, and Switzerland secure the third spot with access to 177 countries.

The fourth position is shared by passports from Denmark, Belgium, Portugal, Poland, Ireland, and South Africa, offering entry to 176 countries globally.

Tying for the fifth position are passports from Singapore, Greece, Norway, the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom, Hungary, Japan, and New Zealand, providing access to 176 countries as well.

CountryVisa FreeVisa On-ArrivalVisa Required
United Arab Emirates1305018

India’s Passport Ranking: A Global Perspective

In the 2024 Passport Index, India finds itself in the 66th position, alongside Zambia. While the Indian passport grants access to 198 countries, 121 of them require a visa. Indian passport holders benefit from visa-free travel in 26 countries, with an additional 51 countries requiring a visa upon arrival.


This latest ranking not only reflects the global standing of passports but also underscores the diplomatic achievements of nations in facilitating international travel for their citizens.

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