UAE Resumes Work Permit Processing After Brief Hold for Some Professions

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) in the UAE has resumed issuing work permits for certain professions that were recently put on hold. This is a positive development for skilled professionals already within the country who are seeking new employment or transferring employers.

Public relations officers (PROs) in the UAE have reported a significant development in the issuance of work permits by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE). Previously stalled work permit applications are now being processed smoothly, according to recent statements.

The news brings relief to companies and skilled professionals alike, who had faced delays and uncertainties in recent weeks.

The transition from Delay to Swift Processing

While some PROs had experienced delays in obtaining work permits due to undisclosed reasons, recent updates indicate a shift in this trend.

Reports suggest that previously stalled work permits are now being approved without hindrance, bringing relief to both applicants and companies alike.


Enhanced Process Efficiency

A public relations manager at a Dubai-based business services company shared insights on the improved process. “Since yesterday morning (January 24), it has been possible to prepare the offer letter without any alert popping up, asking to apply with a different nationality.

The process is being completed without any delay for all nationalities for skilled professionals,” the manager explained.

Inside Country Job Offer Letter and Inside Transfer Application

The two primary processes, the ‘inside country job offer letter’ and the ‘inside transfer application,’ cater to candidates already residing and working in the country, streamlining the visa and work permit acquisition procedures.

  • Inside Country Job Offer: This applies to candidates currently residing in the UAE who have secured a new job offer within the country.
  • Inside Transfer Application: This allows individuals currently employed in the UAE to switch employers without leaving the country.

Seamless Transition for Candidates

Candidates undergoing a job transition within the UAE can obtain an employment visa without leaving the country or switching to another visit visa. This ensures a smoother transition process for individuals seeking new employment opportunities within the UAE mainland.


Confirmation from Horizon Gate Government Transactions Centre

Officials at the Horizon Gate Government Transactions Centre also confirmed the resumption of work permit processing. “We have been able to apply for those work permits since yesterday (January 24), which were not being accepted earlier because of diversity quota,” an official affirmed.


With the MOHRE’s recent efforts, the UAE’s work permit issuance process appears to have regained its efficiency, benefiting both employers and job seekers. The streamlined procedures are expected to contribute to a more conducive environment for employment transitions within the country.

(Source and Inputs from Gulf News)

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