UAE: ICP Issues New Guidelines for Golden Visa Applications

The Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Port Security has implemented stringent measures to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of the UAE's Golden Visa application process.

The Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Port Security has introduced new measures to ensure the accuracy and completeness of documents submitted for UAE’s Golden Visa application process.

These changes are aimed at streamlining the application process and maintaining high standards of verification.


UAE Golden Visa – Updated Guidelines

According to the updated guidelines, any Golden Visa application found to be incomplete or ambiguous will be cancelled within thirty days from the date of submission. This emphasizes the importance of submitting error-free and precise documentation.

Multiple Rectification Attempts Result in Rejection

The authority has also informed that applicants will have up to three opportunities to rectify any mistakes found in their applications. Failure to address the issues satisfactorily within these attempts will lead to the rejection of the application. In such cases, only the visa issuance fees will be refunded.


Expert Committee to Examine Documents

Before issuing the Golden Visa, an expert committee appointed by the government will examine the documents of the persons who have proved their mettle in various fields.

Changes to Criteria and Guidelines

The authority reserves the right to introduce changes to the visa issuance criteria and guidelines without prior notice. This ensures that applicants stay updated with the latest requirements and avoid any delays in the application process.

Convenient Application Options

Applicants can apply for the Golden Visa through various channels, including the official website, WhatsApp, or in person at the designated happiness centres. These multiple options aim to make the application process more accessible and user-friendly.

Seamless Communication and Updates

Throughout the application process, applicants will receive timely updates and notifications on their registered mobile phone numbers. This will keep them informed about the status of their application at each stage of processing, ensuring transparency and accountability.


The ICA said that changes to the criteria or guidelines for allowing visas may be introduced without any warning or prior information. Applicants are advised to check the ICA website for the latest information.

How to Apply for the Golden Visa

The Golden Visa can be applied for via the ICA website, WhatsApp, or directly at the happiness centres. Applicants will receive a message on their registered mobile phone number when the fee is paid. They will also receive messages and updates at each stage of processing.

Guidelines for Various Fields

The criteria for applying for a Golden Visa in each field are different. Below are the details for the criteria for the UAE’s Golden Visa under different categories.

Investor Visa Requirements

Applicants for the Investor Visa category must submit a certificate from an approved investment fund in the UAE. They should have a minimum investment of 2 million dirhams in the country or possess a valid trade license issued by a commercial entity or an industry.


Proof of involvement in the inception of a company with a capital of at least 2 million dirhams or an investment of this amount in the said company is also required.

Additionally, a document from the federal tax authority demonstrating an annual income tax payment of at least 2.5 thousand dirhams to the UAE government will be considered.

Real Estate Visa Criteria

For the Real Estate Visa, applicants must present registration documents issued by real estate authorities in the Emirate. They need to prove ownership of real estate property worth 2 million dirhams or above, which should not be pledged against bank loans.

Industry Visa Documentation

Applicants seeking an Industry Visa should submit documents issued by an approved auditor. They must demonstrate ownership of an industry worth at least five hundred thousand dirhams.


Health Visa Requirements

Certificates of merit or service issued by approved medical centres or social services centres under the Ministry of Health will be considered valid for the Health Visa. Recommendations from the Emirates Scientists Council will also be taken into account.

Art and Cultural Visa Process

Applicants for the Art and Cultural Visa must obtain a letter of recommendation from the Dubai Ministry of Culture.

Executives Visa Criteria

To apply for an Executives Visa, applicants must provide a salary certificate proving a monthly income of not less than fifty thousand dirhams.

Sports Visa Application

Certificates issued by the sports council should accompany applications for the Sports Visa.


Student Visa Requirements

Students and talented individuals in the academic field must submit recognition certificates and related documents issued by local governments for the Student Visa application.


The ICA has reiterated that the documents submitted for availing of UAE’s Golden Visa must be accurate and faultless. Applicants are advised to check the ICA website for the latest information on the criteria and guidelines for applying for the Golden Visa.

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