UAE Airfares Experience 30% Price Drop – Don’t Miss Out!

This summer, UAE citizens have set their sights on a new horizon of travel experiences, fueled by a remarkable 30% drop in holiday package prices. From family-friendly getaways to adventure sports and cultural encounters, residents are expanding their travel horizons and embracing budget-conscious choices.

Last month, a significant majority of UAE citizens embarked on their summer vacations, making the most of the peak summer season and school breaks.

Travelling to diverse destinations across the globe, residents have been able to extend their breaks and explore new horizons, thanks to a remarkable 30% drop in holiday package ad airfare prices this month.

Affordable Getaways of Choice

Industry experts report that locals are increasingly opting for getaways that span 5 to 6 nights and cost an average of Dh3,500 to Dh4,500 per person.

In an exciting trend, some travellers are extending their vacations up to 10 days to fully immerse themselves in their chosen destinations.


Notably, packages priced between Dh3,000 and Dh3,500 are in high demand, reflecting a growing preference for budget-friendly yet fulfilling travel experiences.

Family-Centric Travel on the Rise

The significance of family-friendly travel has not gone unnoticed, as more than 80% of travellers are considering family trips. This trend underscores the importance of creating enriching and enjoyable experiences for all family members.

As affordability remains a driving factor, families are seeking destinations that offer both value and engaging activities.

A Yearning for Novel Experiences

Industry analysts have identified several factors propelling this surge in travel interest. Besides affordability, there is a strong yearning for new experiences and unexplored locations.


Travel enthusiasts are eager to break away from the routine and delve into unique cultural encounters, adventure sports, and eco-friendly activities.

Popular Destinations with Accessibility

Experts have pinpointed a selection of popular travel destinations that offer seamless travel experiences with only one layover. Notable destinations include Bangkok, Georgia, Baku, Salalah, Abha, and Al-Ula.

These locales also feature the advantage of granting visas upon arrival, streamlining the travel process and opening up doors to hassle-free exploration.

Diverse Interests and Distinctive Components

UAE visitors are increasingly seeking out adventure sports, cultural engagements, and eco-friendly pursuits for themselves and their families. This trend adds a distinct flavour to their vacations, enriching their travel experiences beyond traditional sightseeing.


The demand for affordable luxury further demonstrates a desire for quality and comfort without compromising on budget considerations.

As UAE citizens continue to embark on diverse and enriching travel journeys, the evolving landscape of travel preferences highlights the resilience of the human spirit in seeking new horizons, even in the face of challenges.

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