Travelling to Kuwait On a Family Visa? New Rules and Airline Restrictions Apply

Flying to Kuwait on a family visit visa? Pack your bags, but also be sure to check the airlines! New regulations require travelers to use designated carriers Kuwait Airways and Al Jazeera Airways for both arrival and departure.

In a recent development, the Kuwaiti Directorate General for Civil Aviation (DGCA) has implemented new regulations affecting foreigners holding family visit visas to Kuwait. According to some recent media reports, travellers with family visit visas are now required to use specific airlines for their arrival and departure from Kuwait.

This article explores the latest updates on Kuwait’s family visa rules, including mandatory airlines, stricter sponsorship requirements, and visa duration limits.

Mandatory Airlines for Family Visit Visa Holders

Under the new rules, individuals holding family visit visas must utilize Kuwait Airways and Al Jazeera Airways for their travel to and from Kuwait. Failure to comply with this requirement may result in travellers being sent back to their departure destination, as emphasized by the DGCA.

Background on Visa Issuance

Earlier this month, Kuwait announced the resumption of visit visa issuance for family, commercial, and tourism purposes. The issuance of these visas is subject to new regulations set by the DGCA.


Key Requirements and Regulations

Sponsorship: Applicants sponsoring first-degree relatives such as parents, spouses, and children must earn a minimum of KD400 (Dh4,775), while those sponsoring other relatives must earn KD800.

Visa Duration & Written Pledge: The duration of stay for family visit visa holders is limited to a maximum of one month, with a written pledge required stating that the visa will not be converted into a residence permit.

Medical Treatment: Medical treatment during the visit will be available at both private and government health facilities for the duration of the visa stay.

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Background Context

In 2022, Kuwait temporarily halted the issuance of family visit visas to implement stricter regulations aimed at ensuring visitors depart the country upon the expiry of their visas.

While the system was partially revived later, it initially only allowed for the reissuance of dependency visas for children aged five years and below.


These new regulations mark a significant shift in Kuwait’s approach to managing family visit visas, with a focus on ensuring compliance with travel and residency requirements. Travelers intending to visit Kuwait under family visit visas should familiarize themselves with these latest developments to avoid any inconvenience during their trip.

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