Travel Update: Germany Eyes Stricter Border Checks Amid Euro 2024

Germany is considering extending and expanding border checks to address irregular migration. Travelers planning a trip for Euro 2024, especially those entering from neighboring countries, should stay informed about potential delays and prepare accordingly.

Germany on Wednesday announced plans to extend border checks, initially launched to curb migration, with a probable extension to all borders coinciding with the Euro 2024 football tournament.

German Interior Minister Nancy Faeser addressed the media in Prague, highlighting the necessity of these measures despite a decrease in illegal migration figures.

Migration Control Measures

Last autumn, Germany implemented random checks along its borders with Poland and the Czech Republic, extending to fixed checks on its boundary with Austria since the 2015 migrant crisis.

These actions prompted neighbouring countries to introduce identity controls to halt migrant influxes, particularly from Serbia via Hungary.


The Schengen open-borders zone, to which these countries belong, mandates strict notification to Brussels before such measures can be implemented.

Current Border Checks and Potential Extension

1. Germany currently implements random checks on its eastern borders with Poland and the Czech Republic, introduced in September 2023.

2. These checks, due to expire in March 2024, are likely to be extended based on Interior Minister Nancy Faeser’s statements.

3. Justification for the extension includes continued asylum requests despite a decrease in illegal migration figures.


Euro 2024 and Potential Wider Checks

Germany is considering expanding border controls to all neighbouring countries during the Euro 2024 tournament, held in June and July 2024.

This move, if implemented, would mean stricter border checks for travellers entering not just from the east, but also from other Schengen Area countries like France, Austria, and Denmark.

Faeser explains this potential measure as a common practice employed by host countries to enhance security during major events.

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Impact on Travellers

  • While details are yet to be confirmed, stricter border checks could translate to longer wait times at entry points.
  • Travellers are advised to stay updated on the evolving situation and factor in potential delays when planning their Euro 2024 trip.
  • Carrying necessary travel documents and being prepared for potential checks can help ensure a smooth entry process.

Migration Considerations

Addressing concerns of migrant smuggling, Faeser stressed the need for continued vigilance, citing that nearly one in four refugees arrive via smuggler organizations or individuals.

Combatting smuggling remains a priority for Germany, necessitating the maintenance of border controls to ensure security and manage migration flows, primarily from Africa and Asia.


Germany’s decision to extend border controls reflects ongoing efforts to manage migration while balancing security needs, especially with the impending Euro 2024 tournament. As discussions continue, the nation remains committed to combating smuggling activities and ensuring the integrity of its borders.

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