Travel Insurance Mandatory, Advisory for Indian Travellers to UAE


The Consulate-General of India in Dubai on Monday, October 14, reiterated its reminder for all Indians traveling to the UAE: Get travel insurance which will cover expenditures just in case of an emergency.

In a fresh advisory it issued on Twitter, the mission said: “The consulate keeps receiving various requests from Indians visiting UAE seeking help to fulfill unforeseen medical expenditure or return expenses due to a medical condition or accident.

“In all such cases, the consulate tries to assist distressed Indians within the means provided by the government of India. several expenditures, however, do not fall under our scope.”


It added: “It is thus suggested that all Indian nationals who are traveling to the UAE for visit or touristry purpose should take adequate insurance cover including for medical purposes for the duration of their stay/visit within the UAE.”

The mission first issued the advisory for Indians on travel insurance in February 2019, when two back-to-back medical emergencies involving Indian tourists in the UAE.


 For 60-year-old travelers

  •  Dh65.10 to Dh76.60 (Depending on the policy provider and plan)
  • Coverage: $100,000


  • Flight cancellations, delays and sudden change in plans
  • Pre-existing diseases 
  • Baggage and passport loss
  • Personal accident and personal liability
  • Quick claim settlement with cashless options

 For 64-year-old seniors

  •  Dh89.80 to Dh172.60  (Depending on policy provider and plan)
  • Coverage: $25,000-$100,000


  • Medical advice on the phone while traveling
  • Arrangement of hospital admission
  • Medical repatriation
  • Medical evacuation
  • Emergency cash advance, etc.


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