Top 4 Countries for Citizenship By Investment in 2023

Discover the four countries that offer attractive investment opportunities and a desirable lifestyle for prospective investors, including the luxurious Maldives, culturally rich Greece, accessible El Salvador, and the haven of luxury, Mauritius.

In the ever-evolving landscape of global citizenship and residency options, Astons, the world’s leading authority on residency and citizenship through investment, has conducted a comprehensive analysis of 13 countries considering the implementation of citizenship or residency by investment (CBI/RBI) programs.

These programs offer foreign nationals the opportunity to obtain full citizenship or residency rights in exchange for substantial financial investments in the host country’s economy, real estate, or infrastructure.

From picturesque island nations like Maldives to culturally rich countries like Greece, these emerging destinations present exciting prospects for investors seeking both attractive returns and an enhanced lifestyle.

Best Countries for Citizenship By Investment

Astons has meticulously evaluated the options and has selected four countries that it believes offer the most alluring investment and lifestyle opportunities for prospective investors.


1. Maldives

A Luxurious Paradise for High Net-Worth Individuals

The Maldives, with its pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters, has long been synonymous with opulence and exclusivity. While the exact minimum investment threshold for its CBI program is yet to be disclosed, the Maldives’ status as a luxury travel destination comparable to Monaco and Capri suggests that it will cater primarily to High Net-Worth Individuals (HNWI).

Astons ranks the Maldives as the top choice for its breathtaking beauty, the prevalence of English as a pseudo-official language, favourable business conditions, and a versatile lifestyle that blends vibrant city living with idyllic beachside serenity. Additionally, the Maldives boasts a relatively safe environment and a tax system that is considered favourable for residents and businesses.

2. Greece

Combining Rich History with European Union Membership


Greece, a country steeped in ancient history and cultural heritage, has long captivated the hearts of travellers and investors alike. While Greece already offers a residency by investment (RBI) program, the introduction of a CBI program would mark a significant milestone for this captivating Mediterranean nation.

The proposed minimum investment for the CBI program includes two million Euros in real estate or 500,000 Euros for a personal residence. However, Greece is currently awaiting the outcome of the European Union’s court case against Malta’s CBI program before proceeding.

Should Greece launch its CBI program, it is expected to garner immense popularity due to its status as an EU member state. Greek citizenship would grant investors the highly coveted EU passport, offering visa-free access to 173 countries, including unrestricted travel within the Schengen Zone.

3. El Salvador

Accessible Residency by Investment Program with Crypto Appeal


El Salvador, located in Central America, has shifted its focus from a full-fledged CBI program to a residency by investment (RBI) program, commonly referred to as a Golden Visa. This program is anticipated to be highly accessible, with a minimum investment threshold of just $100,000.

El Salvador’s attractiveness lies in its recognition of Bitcoin as a legal tender since 2021, making it a haven for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. While not a comprehensive CBI offering, Astons predicts that this program will garner significant interest from Americans seeking to relocate for retirement, especially considering El Salvador’s status as a tax-friendly jurisdiction for cryptocurrencies.

4. Mauritius

A Haven of Luxury and Favorable Business Environment

Mauritius, an exquisite East African island nation adorned with azure lagoons and mesmerizing reefs, offers an unrivalled sense of luxury and natural beauty. The cost of citizenship in Mauritius is expected to be $500,000, with an additional $100,000 for each dependent.


Apart from its idyllic surroundings, Mauritius also boasts a business-friendly environment, favourable tax laws, and a robust banking sector. Although there is no official language, English and French are widely spoken, facilitating communication and integration for prospective investors.


Citizenship and residency in the investment sector are becoming increasingly competitive, with new countries joining the market. Astons highlights Greece and Mauritius as the most promising destinations, offering a wide range of benefits to investors. These include favourable initial investment costs, desirable lifestyles, affordable living expenses, quality education, business opportunities, and more.

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