Top 10 Worldwide Airlines For COVID-19 Traveler Safety Measures, Vistara Ranked Second


Safe Travel Barometer, the world’s most comprehensive database for COVID-19 travel health and safety protocols, earlier this week released Safe Travel Score for airlines worldwide.

The Safe Travel Score is an industry-first rating initiative, based on an independent audit of more than 150 airlines and 20 traveler health and safety measurement announced, as part of airlines renewed pre-boarding, boarding, and onboard experiences.

Germany’s Lufthansa is rated as the world’s leading airline with a Safe Travel Score 4.5 out of 5, having implemented numerous pro-traveler health and safety initiatives. These include utmost transparency in the communication of safety measures with traveler including mandatory face masks for travelers, frequent cleaning of aircraft before/after every flight, and most importantly, blocking middle seats in a bold statement to ease traveler anxiety.

More recently, Lufthansa also announced the rollout of COVID-19 tests o arriving passengers at Munich and Frankfurt airports.


India’s Vistara and U.S.-based Delta are tied at the second spot with a Safe Travel Score of 4.4 out of 5. Airlines which made it to the top 10 achieved a Safe Travel Score of more than 4 out of 5.

The entry of U.S.-based airlines in the top-10 is the most encouraging. Safe Travel Barometer first highlighted the dismal performance of the U.S. carriers in June 2020, when the majority of them did not have many (or any) traveler safety protocols in place.

TI introduction of these measures ever since to coerce travelers back in the air enabled U.S. carriers — Delta (4.4), Allegiant (4.4), Hawaiian (4.2), and Alaska (4.1) — to push ahead of other airlines globally and make it to the top-10 list.

“The fundamental premise of Safe Travel Score is to benchmark travel brands’ initiatives to reduce traveler anxiety,” says Virendra Jain, Co-Founder, and CEO, Safe Travel “Our independent rating centered on traveler health and safety measures establishes a baseline for travel brands, while equally offering travelers a glimpse into what they can expect in their journeys.”


Top 10 Worldwide Airlines For COVID-19 Traveler Safety Measures

AirlineCountrySafe Travel Score*
Delta AirlinesU.S.4.4
Allegiant AirU.S.4.4
China AirlinesChina4.2
Hawaiian AirlinesU.S.4.2
Philippines AirlinesPhilippines4.2
Alaska AirlinesU.S.4.1

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