Thailand Implements Safety Measures for Year-End Tourism Surge

Thailand is gearing up for a surge in year-end tourism with a dedicated approach to safety and traveler satisfaction. Collaborating across 12 state agencies, the government is intensifying efforts to enhance security measures, transportation services, and safety awareness.

In anticipation of a significant uptick in tourism during the year-end high season, Thailand is ramping up efforts to ensure the safety and convenience of travellers.

Government spokesman Chai Wacharonke announced that the Southeast Asian nation is taking proactive steps through collaboration among 12 state agencies.

Focus on Security, Transportation, and Safety Awareness

The Ministry of Tourism and Sports revealed that the collaborative initiatives will primarily concentrate on bolstering security measures, improving transportation services, and increasing safety awareness.

These endeavours align with the Thai government’s overarching objective of positioning the kingdom as a secure and hospitable destination, crucial for the recovery of its tourism-dependent economy.


Led by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, 12 state agencies are working together to address key areas:

  • Enhanced Security: Increased police presence in tourist hotspots, stricter airport protocols, and improved coordination between agencies will prioritize visitor safety.
  • Streamlined Transportation: Improved accessibility with public transportation upgrades, enhanced traffic management, and dedicated tourist travel corridors are on the agenda.
  • Safety Awareness Campaigns:¬†Educational initiatives will encourage responsible behaviour and provide information on local regulations and scams.

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Thai Government Aims for a Safe and Welcoming Destination

In an official statement, the ministry emphasized that building and maintaining tourist confidence are essential elements of the government’s strategy to revive the tourism sector. Ensuring a safe and welcoming environment for visitors is pivotal to achieving this goal.

Anticipated Surge in Year-End Tourists

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) forecasts a substantial increase in foreign tourists during the 11 days from Friday until January 1, 2024. A projected 56 per cent surge is expected, amounting to 1.18 million arrivals.


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This surge is estimated to bring in foreign tourism receipts totalling 41.7 billion baht (approximately 1.20 billion U.S. dollars), marking a significant 60 per cent increase from the previous year.

Chinese Tourists: Key Contributors to the Influx

A notable portion of the anticipated international arrivals comprises Chinese tourists. The government spokesman mentioned in a separate statement that 3.4-3.5 million Chinese tourists are projected to visit Thailand by the end of this year.

Looking ahead to 2024, the Tourism Authority of Thailand has set an ambitious target of attracting 8.2 million Chinese tourists to Thailand.


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Significance of Tourism to Thailand’s Economy

Before the COVID-19 pandemic in 2019, Chinese tourists constituted around 28 per cent of the nearly 40 million foreign tourists visiting Thailand. Tourism is a vital driver of Thailand’s economic growth, contributing approximately 12 per cent to its gross domestic product.

As Thailand gears up for the expected surge in year-end tourism, these comprehensive measures underscore the government’s commitment to ensuring a secure and enjoyable experience for visitors, fostering confidence in the nation as a premier travel destination.

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