Sri Lanka’s First Luxury Floating Resort Opens in Negombo

Step into a world of serene luxury and sustainable living at Sri Lanka's pioneering Bolagala Agro Floating Resort. With eco-conscious design, farm-to-table cuisine, and a commitment to the environment, it's more than a stay—it's an experience.

In an ambitious move to redefine luxury and sustainability, Sri Lanka is set to unveil the Bolagala Agro Floating Resort, its first-ever floating resort, in Negombo.

Scheduled to open its doors on March 1, 2024, this groundbreaking venture promises an unparalleled blend of comfort, eco-friendliness, and immersive agro-tourism.

Bolagala Agro Floating Resort, Sri Lanka

The Bolagala Agro Floating Resort covers a big area of 13 acres with water everywhere. It has 31 beautiful little houses that float on the water.

Kelum Perera, the person in charge of this project, says that this resort shows how the hotel business is changing to be more about keeping the environment safe and coming up with new ideas.


The resort is in a peaceful place called Bolagala, Katana, and it gives guests a fancy place to stay while also promising to take care of nature.

Embrace Sustainability and Responsible Tourism

The Bolagala Agro Floating Resort, with its architecture harmoniously integrated into the natural environment, utilizes sustainable materials and methods in its construction.

Offering a farm-to-table dining experience with fresh, organic produce from its own farms, the resort goes beyond just eco-friendly dining to support the preservation of local flora and fauna, including tea plantations, and enhance biodiversity with community-driven conservation efforts.

Endorsed by Sri Lanka Tourism and praised by Chairperson Kimarli Fernando for its commitment to sustainable and innovative tourism in the post-COVID-19 era, the resort serves as a leading example for future projects, meeting the changing needs of travelers with its agro-tourism focus.


Unwind and Explore

Beyond relaxation, the resort offers a plethora of activities. Enjoy watersports, jog or cycle along scenic tracks, challenge yourself on the tennis court, or embark on an electric car ride.

Witness the beauty of tea plant cultivation and learn about organic farming through hands-on experiences.

Additional Information

  • The resort opens in two phases, with the first stage offering 31 cabanas, 3 GPS movable rooms, 27 deluxe rooms, a restaurant, and a floating swimming pool.
  • The second phase will introduce more cabanas, an underwater spa, and activity-based components.
  • The project aims to attract tourists from countries like Germany and Italy.

Experience the Best of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, known for its enchanting landscapes, rich culture, and biodiversity, offers a unique backdrop to this innovative accommodation option. The Bolagala Agro Floating Resort not only adds to the allure of the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean” but also invites travelers to engage with the environment in a meaningful and sustainable manner.

Final Words

As the resort prepares to welcome guests, it stands as a symbol of hope and progress towards a more sustainable future in tourism, offering a model for others to follow.


Whether you’re an eco-conscious traveler, adventure seeker, or simply in search of tranquility, the Bolagala Agro Floating Resort awaits to offer an experience unlike any other, blending luxury with the essence of Sri Lankan hospitality and sustainability.

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