SpiceJet Offering Full Refund On Flight Ticket If Passenger Test Positive For Covid-19


Low-cost carrier SpiceJet on Friday in a tweet announced that it will offer a full refund for flights ticket if you have booked your RT-PCR test with Spice Health and tested positive for Covid-19.

However, it is mandatory for passengers to get their RT-PCR test done by Spice Health only to get a full refund if they tested positive for Covid-19.

“You asked, we listened! Delighted to announce that if you are flying with us and have also booked a RT-PCR test with @spice_health you can get a full refund on your flight ticket in case you test positive. Safety first, but no need to compromise on your travel plans.. Book now!”

SpiceJet said in a tweet.

It must be noted that Spicehealth, a healthcare company by Spicejet on March 11 has launched an affordable testing facility for the general public at ₹499. And the company has also tied up with Spicejet to offer a special price of ₹299, which is one-third of the prevailing market rate, for its passengers who wish to get their Covid test done.

Avani Singh, CEO, Spicehealth said: “After testing over a million people in Delhi, Maharashtra, Haryana, and Haridwar and working closely with the respective local governments, Spicehealth has now come forth to offer the cheapest and fastest RT-PCR testing directly to the people taking forward our goal to maximize testing.

“We are proud to extend our quick, seamless and smooth testing facility to the public at large in Mumbai and Delhi, to start with, and we strongly believe that testing remains as important as ever in our fight against this pandemic as that’s the only way to quickly identify, isolate and treat those infected.”

“For a smooth travel experience and to help passengers meet Covid travel requirements, we have exclusively tied up with Spicejet to offer its passengers a hassle-free testing experience at just ₹299.”


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