Soon More Countries Will Lift Travel Restrictions On Indians


As the daily number of coronavirus cases continually declines, India hopes that more countries will soon lift the travel restriction on passengers from India.

Recently, Netherlands has resumed its international passenger flights from India and becomes the first country to do so.

After that, Lufthansa the largest German carrier has also resumed its non-stop international flight operations between Germany to India from June 02.

At the starting of April this year, many countries have imposed travel restrictions on passengers from India and suspend passengers flights from India. Even some countries had put India on the red list for travel.


These travel restrictions come amid the spread of COVID variant B.1.617, which first emerged in India.

Now that the steep COVID-19 curve has begun to bend downwards, India hopes that countries would open restrictions.

MEA Spokesperson Arindam Bagchi in a virtual weekly briefing with the media said that some countries have started the process of easing travel restrictions on India.

“When COVID-19 second wave began, some countries imposed temporary travel restrictions on India. We expect that these restrictions should be lifted when things normalize. We saw some countries started this process of easing restrictions, other countries should do the same we expect,” he said.


At present countries like UAE, Canada, Australia, UK, Oman, Nepal, Philippines, Maldives, Kuwait, Italy, France, Germany, and New Zealand have imposed restrictions on Indians.

However, a few countries including Netherland, Russia, South Africa, Egypt, and Turkey had eased restrictions on travel from India.

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