Singapore Changi Airport Launches Baggage Disinfection Service


Singapore Changi airport has launched a new baggage disinfection service for customers arriving at its Terminal 3.

The service has been developed by Dnata in partnership with Disinfect Group and Ecas4 Australia, and uses a “natural, non-toxic, bio-degradable” invisible mist to kill “over 99.99 per cent of bacteria and pathogens, such as coronavirus, on all types of baggage”.

According to Dnata the technology uses a solution provided by Ecas4 Australia consisting of salt and water activated with an electrical process.

The air service provider said that the solution “is proven to be significantly more effective than bleach without the hazards of irritation to the skin, eyes, and respiratory systems”.


The mist technology uses Ecas4 Australia’s electrolysed water that consists of two ingredients: salt and water, which are activated with an electrical process. It is proven to be significantly more effective than bleach without the hazards of irritation to the skin, eyes, and respiratory systems. The technology has been independently tested in private laboratories in Australia, the European Union, UK and USA and deemed completely safe for adults and children with approvals as a hospital grade disinfectant.

dnata’s new service is currently available for passengers of all airlines at Changi Airport’s Terminal 3. The company plans to introduce the new service at other terminals and additional airports across the Asia Pacific region in the second half of 2021. Services fees start from SG$5 per bag as an introductory price.

Elvis Crook, Diversification Director for Asia Pacific, dnata, said: “We are delighted to launch an innovative service to further enhance safety and customer experience across the Asia Pacific region. Our partnership with Disinfect Group and Ecas4 Australia will enable dnata to engage new customers beyond the airport, supporting businesses that work towards reopening. We are confident that the innovative mist technology, which is harmless to humans but effective in killing viruses and bacteria, will help companies provide additional peace of mind to customers and employees in a post-COVID world.”

Dieter Veulemans, the founder of Disinfect Group, said: “Our units add not only a layer of safety but also a level of reassurance to everyone on-site. Our product helps create a sense of safety, allowing customers to re-engage at various types of locations.”


Tony Amorico, Director of Ecas4 Australia, said: “Ecas4 Australia has worked with its partners to provide technological solutions that utilise our Electrolysed Water solution to destroy pathogens and the coronavirus. We are keen to see this technology fast-tracked and provide an additional level of security for all environments and workplaces.”

dnata operates at 14 airports in the Asia Pacific region, delivering reliable and safe ground handling, cargo and catering services to over 80 airlines with a team of highly trained, customer-oriented aviation professionals.

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