Schengen Visa fee to increase from February 2020


A new Visa Code will be enforced for all Schengen Visa candidates from Feb 2020. Also, the Schengen Visa fee will increase by 33.3%.

The EU Council adopted the updated Visa Code in June 2019. The new code will apply to all countries that are a part of the Schengen Agreement further as all the European union member States.

The new code may additionally extend the application period from 3 to 6 months before the trip. Also, the validity of multiple-entry visas issued to regular travellers is also inflated from one year to five years.

Several EU countries, through email, have confirmed every Schengen Member countries in implementing the reformed code from the same date.

  • Lithuania has confirmed that it’ll be implementing the new Visa Code from 2nd Feb 2020.
  • Germany, Finland, Belgium and Denmark have also confirmed the implementation from the same date.
  • Estonia’s Foreign Affairs Ministry has also confirmed the implementation of the Visa Code from 2nd Feb 2020.

This means that from 2nd Feb 2020, Schengen Visa candidates will now have to be compelled to pay a fee of 80 Euros instead of the earlier 60 Euros.

At the same, Schengen Visa candidates will be able to lodge a visa application six months before their trip. At present, candidates only lodge a visa application three months prior. the latest you’ll be able to lodge your visa application is two weeks before your trip.

The new Visa Code also puts an obligation on Schengen member countries to outsource visa admission to a visa process centre or another Schengen member country. Hence, visa applicants to countries that don’t have representation don’t need to visit different countries to file a visa application.

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