Saudi Arabia To Impose Fine of SR 500,000 On Passengers Coming From Covid-19 Affected Countries


The Public Prosecution office of Saudi Arabia has warned that it will impose fines of up to SR 500,000 (₹99,00,527) on passengers coming onboard international flights from COVID-19 affected countries in violation of the prescribed rules regarding the prevention of coronavirus pandemic.

Similar penalties would also apply to operators or owners of the means of transportation.

The Public Prosecution affirmed that travelers coming to the Kingdom onboard international flights and those responsible for transportation and operators of travel through entry ports must disclose whether they had visits to any of the countries affected by the outbreak of the coronavirus or any of its mutated strains.

If they fail to disclose this, severe punitive measures will be taken against them.


The violator will be punished with a fine of up to half a million riyals, and the violator, operator, or owner of the means of transportation, shall bear any damage resulting from the violation.

If the violation is accompanied by a criminal act, the case against the offender will be referred to the Public Prosecution prior to filing the case before the competent court, the Public Prosecution added.

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