Saudi Arabia, Kuwait Resume International Flights, Operations From India Remain Suspended


Saudi Arabia and Kuwait have lifted the temporary travel suspension imposed earlier because of the new strain of Covid-19 that emerged in the UK and other countries. But, India and some other countries are still remain suspended.

However, Indians who have been stranded in Dubai for the last two weeks may resume their journey onward to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait since the ban has lifted.

Currently, India is working closely with local Saudi authorities to reach a bubble deal that will facilitate direct travel from India to Saudi Arabia through health protocol compliance.

According to some sources, the deal is nearing its end and is expected to start from the second week of January.


Entry into Saudi Arabia by air, land, and sea has been resumed from Sunday, after a suspension of two weeks.

Kuwait also resumed the operation of international flights on Saturday which was suspended for 10 days aftermath a new variant of coronavirus in the UK.

Saudi Arabia reported 82 new COVID-19 cases in the past 24 hours, the lowest daily number in nine months, the Ministry of Health said on Sunday.

The total number of confirmed cases rose to 363,061, but only 2,372 active cases remain in the kingdom. The total number of recoveries reached 354,443 after an additional 180 people recovered.


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