Saudi Arabia Issues New Guidelines For Passengers Traveling To And From The Kingdom


The General Authority of Civil Aviation, Saudi Arabia on Sunday issued new travel procedures and announced new rules for all passengers traveling to and from the Kingdom.

The Aviation Authority in a circular to all air carriers operating in the Kingdom’s airports in regard to updating travel procedures to and from Saudi Arabia.

The new guidelines will come into effect from 1 am on Wednesday, 09th February 2022.

Saudi Arabia New Travel Guidelines

It must be ensured that citizens departing the Kingdom have received the (third) booster dose of the (Covid-19) vaccine for those who spent (three) months from the time of receiving the second dose, with the exception of age groups who are under (16) years old, or from the exempted categories according to what appears in the (Tawakkalna) application.


It must be ensured that all those coming to the Kingdom, including citizens, regardless of their immunization status, hold a negative certificate for an approved PCR test or for an approved rapid antigen test for the Coronavirus (COVID19- Antigen Test) for a sample taken within (48) hours from their departure date to the Kingdom, with the exception of those under (8) years old, taking into account the regulations of countries of origin related to coronavirus testing procedures for children.

Citizens whose results show that they’re infected with the Coronavirus are allowed to come to the Kingdom after the period below has passed – without the need for a re-examination:

  • (7) days from the date of taking the positive sample for those who completed receiving the approved vaccine doses in the Kingdom.
  • (10) days from the date of taking the positive sample for those who did not complete receiving the approved vaccine doses in the Kingdom.

The procedures will go into effect at 1 am on Wednesday 8 Rajab, 1443, corresponding to 09 February 2022.

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